It’s not just garlic… ‘mind-blowing’ hacks for peeling everything from oranges to removing fish skin – The Sun

EARLIER this week, Twitter went wild for a woman’s genius hack for peeling garlic cloves in an instant.

And it seems that there are some other cooking short cuts that we have been missing out on as a viral video has revealed.

The clip created by Blossom and shared by Twitter user Proxcey from Wakanda, features nine tips that will make food prep so much easier.

Sharing the video she wrote: “At the rate I am now convinced I have been breathing all wrong.”

The video initially shows budding chefs a fuss-free method of removing the shell off a shrimp, by threading it onto a fork and then tugging to pull it clean off.

Next it demonstrates how you can simply remove the leaves off a coriander stem by threading the stalks through a colander and then pulling them through separating the two parts.

And for those who have been faced with the task of skinning a fish, the clip shows that you can do away with the painstaking sharp knife method.

By dousing the fish fillet in boiling water, you can simply peel away the skin – being mindful not to burn your hands.

When it comes to de-shelling a lobster you can wave goodbye to awkward crackers, by simply rolling it up in a towel and pressing down on the shell.

Once you have done so, the hard exterior should just peel clean off.

The fiddly task of peeling an orange needn’t be fiddly any more – simply slipping a spoon under the skin will remove the rind with ease.

And yep, turns out you have been eating pineapple all wrong – tearing off the top means that you can simply rip off individual husks without the use of a knife.

Next up the clip reveals how to seamlessly remove the skin of a peach. By boiling it for 20 seconds then allowing it to rest in ice water the skin can just be pushed off.

And those who shy away from ordering crab due to the prospect of tackling a trick claw, the clip reveals that snapping it in the centre should make the shell pull away easily, leaving the meat intact.

And while one method of peeling garlic has already gone viral, this clip offers up an alternative method.

Squashing the garlic bulb with the bottom of a jar should separate the cloves, then by placing them in the jar and shaking for a few seconds will then remove the skins.


The tweet has since amassed more than 116,000 retweets and 337,000 likes from astounded Twitter users.

"F*** off that's blown my mind" wrote one, while another added "And Suddenly life became so much simpler."

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