Indya Moore is launching a genderless line with Tommy Hilfiger and you’re going to want everything

Written by Naomi May

The Pose actor tells Stylist about the inspiration for the genderless and size-inclusive line and what true and meaningful inclusivity means to them.

Not content with being the face of Louis Vuitton and one of the break-out stars of in Ryan Murphy’s hit TV show Pose, Indya Moore is now lending their unequivocal clout to their first genderless collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. 

Following hot on the heels of Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber, all of whom have previously collaborated with the American fashion stalwart, Moore’s size inclusive collection features a line-up of clothing, intimates, and accessories, all designed specifically to ensure they fit as wide a range of body types as possible.

“My own experience struggling to identify with mainstream fashion informed much of our design process,” Moore tells Stylist. “Gender neutral collections don’t automatically mean oversized and baggy. The point isn’t to hide your body – it’s meant to be a celebration of the body.” 

Tommy Hilfiger x Indya Moore

The collection, which launches online and in selected stores next week, doesn’t just look good, though, it does good too. Hilfiger has donated an undisclosed sum of money to a trio of charities working to protect the LGBTQ+ community, and preserve the ocean: Rainbow Railroad, Reuniting of African Descendants (ROAD), and the Global Coalition, while the campaign itself took on a greater significance for Moore.

It was indeed the Pose actor’s decision to shoot the collection on a clutch of stars which are working in tandem to push for inclusivity within their chosen fields. There’s artist Chella Man, a deaf, transgender man who recently collaborated with inclusive New York-based fashion brand Private Policy; Moore’s Pose co-star Gia Love; and intersex model Pidgeon, among others.

Tommy Hilfiger x Indya Moore

We caught up with both Moore and Hilfiger to discuss the inspirations behind the collection, why comfort still reigns supreme and what the true meaning of inclusivity really is.

What does this collection mean to you?

Tommy: This collection embodies everything we stand for. It represents the next step in our mission to welcome all consumers. From the design process all the way to the campaign, the entire collection is here to make people feel seen, accepted and included.

Indya: This capsule goes beyond great style. It breaks a cycle and sets a new standard across the industry. Too many people are made to feel that something is wrong with them just for being themselves. It means everything to me to know that with our capsule, no one is made to feel wrong or different or broken. Everyone works perfectly for this collection, no matter who they are.  

Where did you draw inspiration this season? 

Indya: My own experience struggling to identify with mainstream fashion informed much of our design process. It felt amazing to have the brand trust my opinions and experiences. There is so much the industry can learn from the trans community, and it felt very empowering to be able to incorporate our unique perspective throughout the design process. 

Tommy: As a brand, we are really here to listen and learn. Our fans let us know what change they want to see in the industry and world, and we do our best to move forward together and deliver. 

Tommy Hilfiger x Indya Moore

Which themes run through the collection? 

Tommy: There’s a huge feeling of nostalgia running throughout. We give a nod to some of our most iconic 90s Tommy pieces, which had very fluid styling and we also look back by telling Indya’s personal story. Their hometown, the Bronx, is featured to recognize where they come from. Overalls and boxing shorts are another tribute to their childhood. 

Indya: Personal growth and evolution. We featured the lotus flower, which I feel perfectly represents the journey of the trans person in society. It begins in the mud, but through resilience and strength, rises through the dirt and blossoms into something beautiful.  

What does inclusivity mean to you? 

Indya: It means never discriminating against what you don’t know or understand. Inclusivity is about embracing everyone – learning from others’ differences rather than judging them.  

Tommy: Inclusivity means being representative of and accessible to all, and accepting everyone for who they truly are. It’s about having no barriers to entry – from the way people shop, to what they see in our campaigns, to the styles we design season after season. 

Gia Love and Indya Moore

How do you want people to feel wearing the collection? 

Tommy: Confident. I hope everyone feels empowered to live as their full, authentic self in our collection. 

Indya: Sexy. Gender-neutral collections don’t automatically mean oversized and baggy. The point isn’t to hide your body – it’s meant to be a celebration of the body. We made sure to incorporate figure-hugging elements, sexy silhouettes and touchable fabrics like satin.  

What three words would you use to describe the collection? 

Indya: Real. Chic. Universal.

Tommy: Empowering. Iconic. Now. 

Tommy Hilfiger x Indya Moore launches 20 July online and in selected stores. Sizes range from XXS to XXXL, and prices range from £29.90 to £379.

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