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A decluttering expert has offered simple and easy ways to lift your energy and declutter yourself, your home and your garden.  

Carolyn Creel (, who is a psychic medium and the owner of a multi-million pound contract cleaning company, is Yorkshire's answer to Marie Kondo.

Japanese organisational consultant Marie Kondo's world-famous system of tidying, known as the KonMari method, revolves around the idea that if it doesn't "spark joy", ditch it.

But speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Carolyn revealed that heralternative "CLEAR" decluttering method – which stands for Cleanse. Let go. Energise. Act. Receive – is just as effective.

She goes on to explain how the technique focuses on guiding people on how to clear out any old energy and things that no longer serve them in life in a practical yet magical way; so they can welcome in new fresh energy and new opportunities.

"The secret to decluttering your energy in every area, is ensuring your spaces are comfortable and supportive of you," she says.


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"Keeping the house clear of clutter allows for energy to flow freely. I like to say a clear house is the sign of a clear mind."

And best of all? It works on every house. So if you're hoping to make your home, garden and space clear and receptive to positive energy, then look no further…


Carolyn highlights the importance of making your bed and opening the curtain as soon as you get up.

"Shake out the duvet and pillows; and change bedding at least once a week," says Carolyn, who has 20 years of cleaning business know-how.

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"Open and regularly clean your windows to let the light in, imagine all the heavy energy flowing out and clear crisp light energy coming in.

"I love to use a natural and white vinegar based cleaner to really bring up the crystal-clear vision I love to have for life and my home!"

And despite common perception, Carolyn notes that moving stagnant energy and clearing your home of clutter doesn’t need to be time consuming.

"Start with a drawer or cupboard, take it slowly, and do it one room at a time," she says.

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"My rule of thumb is to get rid of everything, recycle or sell anything that has no use or I don't love, I am ruthless. I then clean the cupboards thoroughly."

"Doing this every few months will give you a real sense of achievement, and help to clear the mind and home of heavy negative energy."

She goes on to urge homeowners to get into the habit of tidying away surfaces – adding that energy flows better when there is less clutter.

"Vacuum your home all the way through at least once a week," she says.

Carolyn also credits bringing the outside inside as a great natural way to help to cleanse and clear a space – and says it's particularly beneficial if oils and palo santo isn't for you.

Only keep in your drawers things that make you happy and that feel good on your body

"House plants help to oxidise the space naturally; flowers can bring cheer and colour into space," she adds.

And finally, the decluttering expert recommends going through your wardrobes.

"Store away your winter clothes, recycle those jeans you thought you might squeeze into, upcycle that evening gown into a top," she explains.

"Only keep in your drawers things that make you happy and that feel good on your body."


  • Daily Gratitude / Intention setting: "Each day I take time out to write down all the things I am grateful for, and my intention or goals that day or week. I write things over and over again, highlighting, circling and starring that which was most important to me
  • Crystals in my bra, under my pillow: " I’m not kidding, I regularly pick out crystals each day and either put them in my bra or wear jewellery of some kind. Currently I carry Tigers Eye and Labradorite. When I am really stuck I use my pendulum to help with yes / no answers.
  • Tune into your inner medium: "Often there is so much theatre around working with our intuition or spirit. One simple way to get clarity or declutter your mind is to pick up any book, flick until it stops and then read the first line. Often that line could be the message you need for that day."
  • Cloud Gaze: "One fun thing I love to do to declutter my mind is to cloud gaze. I love watching the shapes appear in the sky and being able to predict where they are going next. Such a beautiful and joyous way to take time out with family or on your own."
  • Fall in love with the mundane: "Zone out whilst you clean. When I am stressed or needing time out, I clean or wash the dishes until I have expended the energy or reached the solution I need. It's the old idea of ‘Carry water, Chop wood’ – immerse yourself in something else to gain clarity."
  • Create a ‘Let it go” jar: "To keep a tidy decluttered mind, write down anything that's bothering you on a post it note. This includes negative thoughts. Feelings. Anything you are holding your tongue about. Then once you have filled the jar. let it go. Burn it in the light of the moon – or when you feel like it. Just let it go."
  • Make a list of things you need to do but keep putting off / ignoring: "Commit to clearing the list within a week."
  • Take a shower or an Epsom salts bath: "Imagine all the negative energy and worries running down the drain."
  • Take an 'energy shower’: "Go outside, and brush your hands over your body from top to toe. Imagine all the heavy energy and cluttered thoughts leaving your energy field. Shake your hands and wiggle your toes, and push away the energy you no longer need, making space for light and bright energy and thoughts."

And again my rule of thumb is if I buy something new, then I recycle or remove something that no longer feels right to keep the energy flowing."

I also love to wear colours that enhance the chakras I am working with – so at the moment I am wearing a lot of blue to tune into my throat chakra – a chakra of communication, sharing stories and using my voice." 


Carolyn says that when watering your garden, remove any debris and dead-head old flowers from plants.

"Deadheading the plants ensures they spend time nurturing the parts that need it most as they grow," she notes.

And according to the decluttering queen, crystals and wind chimes are not just pretty to look at and lovely additions to the garden.

"They also help to clear the space, attracting the sun and allowing the wind to move through them," she says. "Sound is an excellent larger space clearer."

My rule of thumb is if I buy something new, then I recycle or remove something that no longer feels right to keep the energy flowing

She goes on to urge homeowners to mow your lawn, sweep up any leaves, tend to your plants, and remove any unwanted growths from borders regularly."

And last but not least, she says not to forget to declutter your sheds or garages.

"Anything that hasn’t been used; bin, recycle or sell on the many free sites," she encourages.

"That bike you thought you would ride? Pay it forward to someone who may get better use out of it."

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