I’m trolled for selling my house so I can splash the cash when I retire – they say I should leave money for my kids | The Sun

A MUM has been the target of trolls after revealing she plans to sell her house and use the money to enjoy her retirement.

Karen, from the UK, Known on TikTok as ‘karenakaginger’, shared her thoughts on the subject in a recent video.

The mum replied to a comment which said: "I think it's your own choice, I planned to have my kids, I think they need all the help they can get in this world, everything I have is for them."

Karen said: "I plan to sell my house when I retire and spend all the money rather than leaving it to my kids in inheritance.

"Every time I say that on TikTokthere always seems to be uproar."

She revealed that she would help her children out financially but wouldn't be leaving them her property.


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The mum also added that there was no guarantee it would be left to her kids anyway, as when she is older she might be placed in a nursing home, and the property would have to be sold to pay for that.

Karen then explained that she helps her kids now by helping them save for a deposit for their own property and their driving license so they don't have to rely on her.

She continued: "They shouldn't need to be relying on the bank of mum and dad.

"And if I've raised my kids well, in my opinion, they're not going to be waiting until I die rubbing their hands together and waiting for some money.

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"I've already helped them out financially, and they'll graft and work hard and if they did get anything when I die it's a bit of a bonus for them but they won't be reliant on it.

Karen added she wanted her kids to appreciate how she helps them now and for her to be able to see them enjoy that while she is still around.

She added: "As I say to my parents, don't think bout leaving me any money, spend it, you've worked hard all your life you go and enjoy your money."

And that's what Karen plans to do with hers, she wrote in a comment that she wants to travel with the money she'll receive.

Viewers who watched the video were left divided, some thought Karen's idea was brilliant while others said they'd give everything to their kids.

One wrote: "Omg I never thought of that at all. I need to sell my house before it’s too late."

Another person commented: "Very true. My mam has just retired, it's great seeing her enjoy her life after so many years of hard work. I'm financially independent of her."

A third penned: "All I have right now is my house and the life insurance. They will get everything I can possibly give them. They didn’t choose to be born."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I think even as adults kids sometimes need financial help from their parents at times if I'm in a position I will always help."

"I'm 100% with you. we worked for it and intend spending it. our Daughter wouldn't expect anything.," claimed a fifth.

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