I’m trolled for letting my toddler down coffee, play with marbles and refuse to share toys – people are too judgemental | The Sun

WHEN it comes to parenting, every person has their own technique and set of rules they follow.

And the chances are, not everyone is going to agree with them – as mum-of-four Mara, who is from the US, knows only too tell.

Mara, who lives in Texas, often shares her crunchy mum opinions online – and more often than not they tend to totally divide the internet.

In her latest clip shared to TikTok, she penned: "Things I do as a parent that others don't agree with."

She then begins by explaining how she lets her kids drink coffee, go barefoot in public and refuses to restrict their food.

The crunchy mum also notes how she lets her sons wear dresses, lets her toddlers eat sand and play with marbles.


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Completing the list, she says they're also allowed outside showers, she lets her daughter shave their head and she doesn't force them to share.

Mara captioned the post: "Some things I do that others don’t agree with. I could’ve made this video so long lol."

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The video has since racked up a staggering 2.9 million views and been flooded with comments online.

"Barefoot in public? Germs aside the broken glass would concern me," wrote one.

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A second agreed: "OK but many of those are safety concerns."

A third penned: "Why are people so hung up on sand and being barefoot? As an emergency nurse it's the marbles that are the biggest problem here!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "The marbles one once something bad happens you can’t turn back time."

A further added: "The no shoes is really blowing me off that is unacceptable what so ever."

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Another admitted: "There's so much that I don’t agree with."

And one more social media user wrote: "The sand one is a bit much…"

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