I’m trolled for ‘dressing up’ for the gym but I don’t care – it’s my body and my life | The Sun

A FITNESS trainer has clapped back at critics who shared their annoyance over how she chooses to dress at the gym.

The content creator takes great pride in her appearance, whether it be in and out of the workout facility, and doesn't care about the opinions of others.

Lauren Simpson (@laurensimpsonofficial)is a successful online fitness coach and owner of the activewear brand, Rare Collective.

The businesswoman uses her past experience as a WBFF Pro Bikini model and collegiate athlete to not only train her clients but also grow her brand.

Just like many other women, Simpson likes to get glammed up with the exercise facility being no exception.

In a TikTok video, she addressed her haters who made comments about why she wears makeup and fashionable activewear outfits to the gym.

She remained unapologetically herself as she explained her reasoning for doing so.

"It literally blows my mind that in 2022 other women are triggered when someone likes to do their hair, do their makeup for the gym," she said at the start of the video.

The former bodybuilder stated this in response to a TikTok user who commented on a previous video and mentioned "you should actually be in baggy clothes with no makeup."

The blonde beauty declared that it's her life, body, and terms, so she can do whatever she pleases.

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Simpson also gave attention to the idea that just because someone wears makeup to the gym they're not working hard, when in fact she "can squat and deadlift over 150 kilos."

"Honestly guys, why does it even matter what anyone else wears or looks like at the gym," she declared.

As the video came to a close, she encouraged her audience to wear whatever their body feels comfortable in.

"Whether you wear makeup or not…whether you just want to train in a baggy oversized shirt, it doesn't phase me," she stated.

Her words resonated with many people and several took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"How about when you’re doing a mid-afternoon gym sesh and you went to work with makeup on? Why does it even matter," one viewer commented.

"I wear makeup to the gym because it makes me feel good and hypes myself up more. Nothing wrong with it," another shared.

"Her insecurity is showing lol. Your confidence is everything!" another fan praised.

"Look good = feel good. My workouts suck if I feel like I look s**t at the gym, I’m less confident overall. Ur a queen," a TikTok user stated.

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