I’m trolled after I got my baby’s ears pierced at just two days old, but she couldn’t feel a thing

ONE MUM has caused outrage online after revealing she got her daughter's ears pierced at just two days old.

Lara, a mum-of-one, shared a video of her daughter showing off her full head of hair – but that wasn't what caught people's attention.

Instead, many viewers of the video, which has gone viral with over ten million views, were left stunned at pictures of the newborn baby after spotting she had her ears pierced.

In a TikTok video posted to her account, Lara Tica Official, the mum said: "Everyone: "Your baby's hair won't stay… it's just going to fall off."

She showed photos of her daughter as a newborn and her now, currently four months old, revealing her daughter still had a full head of hair.

But the majority of viewers were discussing her ear piercings, which left many people divided.


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One wrote: "Oh my – why not wait with the earrings till she can say that she wants it herself?"

"I don't think you should put piercings on your child unless they can tell you if they want them," commented another viewer.

A third added: "As a mum, I am against piercing. It's her body and she will decide about that herself, but your baby is very beautiful."

"In my opinion, I think you should let the baby decide when they are older if they want their ears pierced or not," a fourth said.

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The mum took to the comments section of the video to explain why she choose to get her daughter's ears pierced at a young age.

She explained: "When they are 2-3 days old they don't feel the pain like a year or two!

"The holes are given to them by neonatologists (doctors specialising in the care of newborns) in the hospital at birth."

She added that the earlobe was much softer at this age so they won't experience pain from getting them pierced and said her baby had no reaction when the piercing happened.

While some people didn't agree with the practice, there were plenty of others who defended the mum and didn't see anything wrong with it.

One wrote: "I don't quite understand why everyone has such a big problem with the earrings…"

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"Y'all be crying about the earrings lmao I got mine at the same age and I didn't die," another person added.

A third commented: "I don’t get the drama of the ears? Mine were pierced when I was a baby, if I don’t want earrings I just don’t wear them, glad I have fully healed holes."

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