I’m plus-size & was scared to wear bikinis when I was younger, but I refuse to hide my body away anymore | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has shared an empowering video of herself wearing a bikini that she previously never would have done.

The body-positive advocate gives viewers a glimpse into her confident demeanor that came from owning every part of herself.

TikTok user Caroline Walker, known as @carolinewg, promotes bodily self-love on her social media.

It makes sense that she is honest about her previous fears concerning bikinis and is now adamant about refusing to cover up her body.

In the video, Walker can be seen confidently wearing a Torrid Rainbow Bikini that looks amazing on her plus-size body shape.

Appropriately captioned "I was too afraid to wear two pieces when I was younger. Now I'm not!" the queer woman proudly showcases all that she is for the world to see.


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The video is meant to display how Walker works hard to heal her inner child and feel comfortable in her skin.

In the video, Walker is wearing a vibrant rainbow two-piece high-waisted bikini from the fashion brand Torrid that emphasizes the beauty of her body and represents her sexual orientation.

At the start, she is right in front of the camera and then quickly moves back to exhibit the chic bikini style and her pride in herself.

This is further emphasized by her usage of audio that says the words "I don't know about you, but this is what healing my inner child looks like."

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The plus-size woman mouths along to the words as she happily dances and pops her hip to the side.

Her self-assurance resonated with numerous people in the comment section of the video who may have struggled or currently struggle with the same mentality.

Walker uses her profound social media presence to impact the lives of other queer and plus-size individuals who have had similar insecurities in their lives.

"I remember being 7 and being told I didn’t have the body for a two piece. Good for you you look so cute!" a viewer commented.

"Never worn a 2piece because I’m self conscious but I’m trying to muster the courage to just do it since they look so much easier to get get in/out of," another added.

"Confidence looks good on you. That suit is super cute," another viewer praised.

"OMG I just posted a photo on Insta wearing a bikini for the first time in maybe 15 years! Yay us!!!" a user shared online.

"Yes I’m out here wearing my rainbow bikini and hot pink pizza bikini when my mom made me wear one pieces and knee length shorts for my childhood," another stated online.

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