I’m plus-size – I did a Zara haul & there were some serious fit issues, the shorts wouldn’t even zip up | The Sun

ONE plus-size shopper proves it's always a good idea to try-on clothes before purchasing them.

Raquel Benitah found Zara's clothes to have serious sizing issues as she tried on several items, including a pair of shorts that wouldn't zip.

While online shopping always comes with the possibility of fit issues, Raquel didn't think her size would be way off.

She posted a video trying on all the clothing items she bought in her recent Zara order.

Everything she ordered was either in an XL or XXL except one medium.

"It's time for a plus-size Zara haul," she starts.


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Raquel changes into a flowy bohemian-Esque green dress.

"I feel like I'm floating on clouds… like there's just a lot of material here," she says.

This pick is the Long Print Dress for $119.

Raquel explains she would probably size down to a large from an XL to have it fit a little tighter.

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Nonetheless, she's pleased the dress even fits at all.

But her second item doesn't.

Raquel puts on a black cut-out corset, and it's automatically a no for her.

"I'm probably going to return because it's like everything just falls out," she explains, pointing to the sides of her torso.

Next, Raquel tries the Linen Blend Shorts for $39.90.

These shorts are supposed to fit loosely around the thigh, but on Raquel, they're more like spandex.

However, a medium in the $29.90 Front Laced Knit Top and her regular size in the $69.90 Denim Overalls fit well.

"This tank top is perfection… These overalls have a lot of potential, and I'm kind of vibing," Raquel admits.

While a light wash pair of denim shorts appear to fit Raquel ok, a washed black option can't even zipper.

"I lied; maybe not everything fits," she says as she struggles to pull the second shorts up.

Raquel puts on the Satin Effect Pleated Shorts for $17.99 and the matching top.

"It's an all silk outfit. I hate silk, but I love this," she admits.

The next dress is too tight to move, and Raquel doesn't like the floral print or style anyway.

"It's an XXL, and my arms are falling off, and the zipper, she would never go up," she says.

The final item is thankfully a success.

Raquel slips into a cropped, green plaid cardigan with buttons.

"Finally, a normal thing I will actually keep and wear," she admits.

One viewer believed there to be an issue with Zara's sizing for plus-size women.

"Zara is just not a brand for thick woman," she wrote.

Others expressed their love for the overalls Raquel tried on.

"Love those overalls," one woman commented.

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