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A FASHIONISTA has sparked a frenzy for a selection of must-have bras after gushing about how supportive and comfortable they are.

Kelsey Melenson (@kelseyslifeintiktoks) explained that she was excited to try bras from a new brand after years of struggling to find something suitable for her fuller bust.

She has garnered over 22,000 followers on TikTok where she shares her fashion finds and the countdown to her wedding which is set to take place in 2024.

She took to the social media platform to try on a selection of bras that she got from the inclusive lingerie brand Forlest.

Kelsey said: “I have been a part of the big t*tty committee since I was in grade five.

“My first bra size was a 36DD.

“I was so excited to learn about the company Forlest and they sent me out two bras to try and I can’t wait.

“I promise I’m going to give my most honest opinion because I know I’m not the only woman in the big t*tty committee.

“This is the first one honestly 10 out of 10 for packaging.

“Why am I this excited about the pink measuring tape.”

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Kelsey was surprised that the bras came with a pink measuring tape to help her get the correct size.

She was delighted by the soft feel of the nude-colored bra before she also unpacked a white bra that had a scallop trim.

She revealed that depending on the style of bra she wears a 2X or 3X. 

Speaking about the white bra, she said: “This one is already my favorite so I’m gonna try it on first.

“First impressions this holds the girls up. I am actually so impressed, it’s comfortable.

“I can’t even explain how soft this bra is, like I’m sorry who is she?

“I love the support that this bra has.

“It is super soft and I look so good in it.”

She changed out of the white into the nude-colored bra that she had held up towards the beginning of the video.

Kelsey said: “So it is a solid two out of two. I love these bras so much.

“To my other big boob friends out there check our Forlest you will not regret it.

“I can’t wait to rep these bras every day. I finally have a comfy and cute bra.”

She captioned the post: “As a member of the big t*tty committee, I have always found it incredibly hard to find a good bra!!

“Forlest made this so easy. These two bras are wireless, soft, supportive, & cute as heck.”

She added: “The shoulder straps are wide and they don’t dig in at all!

"Honestly so comfy I’m used to having straps dig in & leave a mark but this bra doesn’t!”

Forest’s Hannah 2.0 enhanced W support adjustment bra is available in nude and several other colors for $62.

The brand’s Sharon two-tone scalloped neckline embossed lace bra is available in white and a selection of other colors for $60.

Kelsey racked up over 1,400 likes on her post and viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the bras. 

One person said: “I just ordered two. I’m a 38J.

"I hope they actually are what you say they are because I’ve not found a good fitting comfortable bra in years.”

Another commented: “Now this looks amazingly comfortable must try it now!”



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A third said: “I want the style of the white one but in black, gonna have to check this out!”

A fourth added: “I love the scalloped edge! I was a 36C in grade five. Sizing is better now & I’m a 38G.”

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