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ONLINE spaces are plagued by body-shaming, but one woman boldly disregards the age-old advice, "don't feed the trolls."

Instead, she dresses to annoy her critics and has earned a loyal group of fans who love her style.

Across TikTok and Instagram, influencer Jessica Blair has almost 800k followers – a level of popularity that attracts a fair share of haters.

Blair assembled a capsule collection of outfits that show off the most-criticized parts of her body and posted them in a now-viral TikTok video.

She titled the clip "outfits for pissing off people that body shame me."

The six outfits included low-rise skirts paired with body chains, sleeveless shirts and vests, and snug mini skirts, all coupled with a pair of fitted, high-rise boots.


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In the caption of the video, Blair reminded her followers to ignore anyone who body-shames them.

"We’re wearing whatever we want always and forever," she wrote, adding a heart emoticon for good measure.

Her comments section was flooded with fellow fashionistas who found Blair's style inspiring – and had encountered body-shaming in their own lives.

"I can't even comprehend why people allow themselves to judge and openly criticize people," one viewer lamented. "Absolutely useless, just negativity."

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Several commenters compared Blair's outfits to 90s style icons like Drew Barrymore.

A few others drew comparisons between her funky looks and the outfits worn by Britney Spears and Disney channel stars in the early 2000s.

Multiple commenters wrote they hope to be able to dress like Blair someday.

"I wanna dress like you with low rise stuff but my family says I look fat and wont let me wear it," one viewer said.

"I'm living for this confidence," another person commented. "One day I want to be just as confident."

People commented positively on Blair's body, but were even more thrilled by her impressive collection of clothes.

"All of these outfits are so well styled AND you look so good wearing them," an admirer wrote in praise.

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