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AN interior designer has spoken out on the one trend they cannot stand – accent walls. 

Julie Sousa, who specialises in decorating and design, said that while they remain all the rage in people’s homes, it’s time to reevaluate – especially when it comes to one room in particular. 

Julie, who shares her interior tips via her TikTok account @the_avantgarde, asked her 1.7 million followers: “What’s up with accent walls and why do millennials overuse them?”

She then launched into her explanation, as she said it’s a common error she sees time and time again. 

The social media star continued: “Although accent walls are a great way to create a focal point in a room, a lot of times it’s incorporated without consideration to the holistic design.

She said this leads to it “looking broken and out of place.”

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Julie added: “We see this mistake everywhere but especially in nurseries.

“And the issue is that you’re only considering one wall as the canvas, forgetting that the entire room should be the canvas.”

The interior pro then gave an example of a jungle themed nursery which had one wall covered in leaves and plants. 

She then showed how she would redesign said nursery to make the most of the space.

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Julie went on to share a computer generated layout of the same kids’ room, but in her transformation she added in a patterned ceiling in place of the accent wall. 

She then completed the nursery with pictures, a panelled wall with a name embossed on it and other items scattered around the room. 

The influencer explained: “Just look at the difference it makes when you consider all of the walls – the design becomes a lot more cohesive.

“So don’t forget to think outside of the wall.”

The video attracted a lot of attention from fellow interior fans.

One said that Julie’s video was targeted directly at them, as they couldn’t get enough of basic accent rules.

They wrote: “I have an addiction to accent walls…

“But it’s just because I love bold colours but can’t commit to painting them on all 4 walls.” 

Another added: “Accent walls belong to the last decade. It was very strong and now people have moved on and are considering all the space.”

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While a third added: “Finally!! Someone said it.” 

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