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WHETHER it's a pair of white trainers or black heeled boots, shoes can either add to your outfit or break it completely.

There are countless of styles to choose from – and the one you go for the most might have something to do with your personality.

But according to one elegance coach, there is some footwear you might want to give a miss if you want to look classy – and turns out, Louis Vuitton is not the answer to all things chic.

Antonia Higham, whose shopping and fashion advice has amassed her 100,000 fans on TikTok, listed the styles claiming they won't elevate your appearance.

Has your favourite made it to the list?

First up in the viral video were slides, which is a go-to option for many seeking comfort.

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But as comfortable and perfect for lounging around these are, Antonia thinks slides don't have space in an elegant lady's wardrobe, especially if they have huge logos all over.

When it comes to all things elegance, the style expert also recommended steering clear of fishnet heels.

Whilst this style of footwear might be trendy, particularly paired with a blazer for a night-out, the whizz insisted that the only thing this will do is make you look tacky.

Next up on the list were the expensive and highly sought-after Yeezy foam shoes, designed by the American rap artist, Ye.

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Thought that an elegant wardrobe means stocking up on all the latest high-end designer garments and accessories?

Well, you're wrong, as according to Antonia, who recently revealed the five popular brands to steer clear of, Louis Vuitton footwear is also a big no-no.

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Despite the hefty price tag, their monogram trainers with the iconic print all over will leave a cheap aftertaste and won't elevate your look.

Last but certainly not least, the elegance guru noted, were shoes that were in a desperate need for some love and care.

According to Antonia, if you truly want to level up, make sure to keep your footwear in pristine condition and remove any dirt and marks.

With more than a whopping 116,000 views, the video has taken the internet by storm, leaving many social media users divided.

Whilst there were those who agreed with Antonia's recommendations, many shared a different opinion, arguing that ''elegance'' is no one set of rules.

One person penned: ''elegance is a subjective term. nobody can actually define what it is to be elegant or not because it's a social concept.''

A Ye fan stormed to comments: ''Oh no don’t bring Kanye I love Kanye.''

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Someone else chuckled: ''Me wearing sandals to aldi.''

''Ok so i will wear nothing,'' a viewer added.

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