I'm a vet – the dog I wouldn't get without doing your research, they have very distinct problems other breeds don't | The Sun

A VET has revealed a breed of dog that owners should think twice about before purchasing due to severe health issues.

Dr. Roy Kramer specializes in treating bulldogs and has over 30 years of experience.

Speaking with Business Insider, the vet said that French bulldog owners in particular needed to be weary of misinformation when purchasing the dogs.

Frenchies became the most popular breed in the US in 2022.

The rise in popularity has "led to a raise in breeders with inadequate knowledge and questionable ethics, which amplifies health issues," according to Dr. Kramer.

French bulldogs can face "serious health concerns", primarily due to their flat heads.

This affects their breathing and can cause a disease named brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.

According to Dr. Kramer, these issues can come with major medical costs and lifelong maintenance which owners should consider before choosing the breed.

Health issues have been amplified by ongoing selective breeding.

This is fuelled by demand from owners for their dogs to look a certain way.

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"We're seeing extreme variation from breed standard, like miniature-size bulldogs, unusual eye color, and coat color – and some of these treats are linked to 'bad' genes," Dr. Kramer explained.

Owners need to be prepared to foot significant treatment costs according to the vet.

"Types of surgery include a rhinoplasty, stapedectomy, sacculectomy, or tonsillectomy," he said.

"Surgery should be done once they reach their full growth around 10-12 months," he continued.

He added that not all French bulldogs will have to have surgery, but their flat faces can still lead to other conditions that require consistent medical care.

These can include skinfold, dental, and ear diseases.

With the correct preventative care French bulldogs can live up to 11-12 years.

"The key to ensuring the health of your French lies in being an educated and committed owner," Dr. Kramer assured.

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