I’m a traveller and I use sunbeds and nasal sprays to get my glow – trolls warn me of the dangers but now I’m addicted | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed that she is addicted to tanning and uses sunbeds and nasal sprays to get her glow.

The Irish traveller explained that she wishes she’d never started, but is now addicted to her tanning routine.

Lizzy Mac, who posts on TikTok with her sister Caitlin, under the username @themacsisters took to the video sharing platform to open up about her tanning habits.

In the video, we saw Lizzy sitting in her car, prior to her sunbed appointment.

The bronzed babe posted her clip with the caption 'What's your poison? Mine’s sunbeds.’

She said: “I use sunbeds, and Caitlin doesn't use sunbeds.

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“So we work in Sunbathers – we've got an aesthetics room in the back and any traveller who knows about a good sunbed, they know it's Sunbathers.

“So we work in the one in Potters Bar and people come from all over the country just to have a sunbed. 

“For me, the only way I think I can get a really good colour is if I take nasal sprays.

“But, yeah, I'm gonna go get a sunbed right now, actually.”

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However, Lizzy was quick to add that she wouldn’t recommend sunbeds.

She continued: “And I am not promoting sunbeds.

“If you've never had a sunbed, do not start now. Honestly, don't start.

“I wish that I never started, but it's one of those things that you just get addicted to.

“I feel like we all have our poison and for me, it's sunbeds.”

Lizzy’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed 156.8k views, in just one day. 

It has 12.8k likes, 44 comments and 21 shares.

But social media users eagerly took to the comments to warn Lizzy of the dangers of using sunbeds and nasal sprays. 

One person said: “Sunbeds, very dangerous” to which Lizzy replied “They are that’s why I don’t recommend them.” 

Another added: “Nasal spray [are] even worse than the sun-bed. Also it ages ya!”

A third commented: “Nasal spray is very bad for you, look it up, it's dangerous.”

Whilst someone else claimed: “Ahhhh please don’t. I’m 37, and used them from ages 22-26. And I’ve got two skin cancers that need cutting out.”

Nasal sprays, when inhaled, can lead to a temporary darkening of your skin.

Nasal sprays' main active ingredient is melanotan, which helps drive the process of pigmentation production.

Some nasal spray sellers insist their products are safe – but the British Association of Dermatologists' Dr Catherine Borysiewicz says the only safe tan is fake tan.

She said: These products have not been studied properly, you don’t know what you are using, that’s the bottom line.

"These products are very, very dangerous. They can potentially lead to cancer.

"I talk about the skin risks, but who knows what else it might be doing. It’s incredibly worrying.

"If you’re using Melanotan, stop. Don’t use it any more and really importantly make sure your skin is assessed and checked.

"Be honest with the doctors that you’re seeing so they’re aware of the potential risks you may have been exposed to so your moles can be properly checked and analysed if needed."

When it comes to sunbeds, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), sunbeds are as dangerous as smoking.

Like the sun, they give out harmful UV rays that damage the DNA in your skin cells.

Over time, this may lead to malignant melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – studies have shown.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), there is significant evidence to show that using tanning beds causes melanoma.

They report that sunbeds increase the risk of skin cancer by up to 20 per cent, and also state that they have no positive benefits to our health.

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Cancer Research back this statistic, adding that " there is no such thing as a safe tan from UV radiation".

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