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ALL parents will understand the frustration of trying to get your child to speak, but not having any luck.

Teaching your child to talk can be a frustrating process, but fear not, a speech expert is here to help.

Known on TikTok as ‘speechsisters’, one of the speech sister experts has shared her very simple top tips for encouraging your child to start talking.

According to this expert, it turns out that many parents are going around teaching their child to speak in the wrong way.

Many parents will find themselves asking their child questions and putting a lot of pressure on the process.

But this speech expert has advised that parents need to make the process fun and should encourage their child to speak by playing with them and making silly sounds and gestures.

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The TikTok user uploaded her top tip advice video to social media with the caption ‘STOP QUIZZING and START PLAYING with your child to help them learn new words!!’

The expert claimed: “Talking pressure and asking too many questions does not work.

“Instead of ‘what’s this/that?’, ‘is this a ___?’ and ‘can you say ___?’, try this instead.

“Copy your child’s play and add in your target word.

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“Make silly sounds and gestures.

“Repeat the target word 3-5 times in a fun way.

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“No pressure and being fun/silly.

“Better interactions and often times more talking.”

In the video, we initially see her asking the child if she can say certain words and pointing to items and asking the child what they are.

But this technique is met with confusion and no luck.

Following this, the expert shows her trick – she points to a baby and says ‘baby’ in a fun, playful voice, which is quickly met with the child repeating her and saying ‘baby’.

She then touches a cup and repeats the word ‘hot’, which again, is met with the child repeating her and saying the word. 

Finally, the expert does the same thing with a ball – she throws the ball up and down, repeating the word ‘ball’ with lots of energy. 

When she passes the ball to the tot, the child then repeats and says the word ‘ball’.

Clearly this technique is very effective and for those that are struggling with getting their child to talk, this is definitely give it a try. 

This speech tip video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 484.6k views. 

It has 29.2k likes, 86 comments and 848 shares.

Many parents loved the tips and were shocked they hadn’t done it themselves before. 

One person said: “You got it. this is the best way babies learn, through interactions”.

Another added: “As an SLP working with birth to 5, this is great!!!” 

A third commented: “Wow! Great way to do this!” 

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Someone else claimed: “I do this with my baby and she talks SOOOO much at one year.”

Another exclaimed: “Yes yes yes!!!”

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