I’m a size 42DDD – my favorite Amazon dupe of Kim Kardashian’s Skims is so supportive and $25 cheaper | The Sun

BODYSUITS are great for sculpting the body and flattering your curves.

However, it can be difficult to find a supportive bodysuit if you're above a certain cup size.

TikTok user Jalisha Vee tried on the viral bodysuit, which TikTokers have been comparing to Skims.

Jalisha modeled the ShaperX bodysuit, available for just $38 on Amazon.

The shapewear is similar in style to the Skims sculpting bodysuit, which costs $62.

"So I finally gave in and bought the Skims dupe for the bodysuit on Amazon. I’m about to try it on and see if it’s even giving," Jalisha said.

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"All the girls on [TikTok] are about the bodysuit. I'm going to try it on and see what it’s going to do," she explained.

Trying on the shapewear, the TikToker said: "I’m not even mad because these are 42DDDs and the actually fit in."

She continued: "I got it in a 2X/3X so I knew it would fit my body but there is such good compression."

Jalisha was impressed with how supportive the bodysuit was to her larger chest.

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"I’ve never bought a bodysuit where the [boobs] actually fit and I’m actually shook," she told her followers.

The TikTok user concluded: "I think I’m going to have to buy the real one just to compare it to but this is fire."

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