I’m a nail tech – I can tell when you’ve chewed your gel off & here’s a surefire way to get me to bend the rules for you | The Sun

A NAIL technician has taken to social media to reveal the five things that clients probably don’t know and you might be surprised by a few.

If you have ever visited a nail salon or a nail technician to have your nails done, you might be surprised to know that the person doing your nails can tell a lot about you.

But one nail technician, known on TikTok as ‘Boo Does Nails’ has revealed that she can tell if you don’t like your nails, or if you chewed your gel off.

The Nail Artist from Birmingham also revealed a surefire way that will make her bend the rules for you, so if you are after a last-minute or late-night appointment, you might want to listen up.

The beauty lover explained: “Things my clients probably don’t know”.

Boo revealed: “I can tell when you don’t like your nails.

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“The ones that tip, turn up on time and rebook, are the ones I bend the rules for.

“I feel trusted and appreciated when you let me have free reign over the design.

“I feel really proud when a nail biter comes back with a full intact set of nails.

“I can tell when you’ve chewed the gel off.

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“I’d much prefer you to be honest and give me a chance to rectify an issue rather than stay quiet”.

Beauty lovers were clearly impressed with the nail technician’s video, as it has racked up 149.6k views and 4,997 likes. 

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Many TikTok users took to the comments, sharing clapping and heart eye emojis in response.

One person even said: “I am a nail biter (over 12 years) and I really want to get my nails done but I am ashamed to go to a nail artist”. 

In another video, the nail artist also debunked some common nail myths.

She said: “E-files aren't bad for your nails, a bad nail tech is.

“Nails don’t breathe.

“Gel doesn’t damage your nails, improper application/removal does.

“There’s no such thing as gel powder, it’s acrylic.

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“Good nails take time and cost money.

“Shellac is the brand, gel polish is the treatment”.

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