I’m a mum of four and give my two-year-old son coffee – trolls roast me but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it | The Sun

A MUM who gives her two-year-old son coffee to drink has hit back at trolls.

Mara frequently shares videos of her four kids on her TikTok page, and recently posted a clip revealing the things she does that other parents might not agree with.

One such thing was that she allows her children to have coffee.

But Mara defended herself in another video on TikTok, as she said: "I don’t know why so many people are upset because I said Indy drinks coffee.

"I mean, don’t you drink coffee every day?"

She then showed herself giving Indy a coconut latte from the "best place in town".

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"It’s his favourite. Plus they roast their own beans," she said.

"And I mean how can I tell him no to coffee – look how cute his little face is!"

But people in the comments section couldn't get on board with Mara's reasoning.

"'Don't you drink coffee everyday?' We aren't toddlers," one wrote.

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"It's still harmful to us, but we can take it easier since we are grown."

"Maybe because caffeine is a stimulant drug and it’s highly addictive…?" another added.

"But if cigarettes were his favourite would that be ok?" someone else asked.

"Because caffeine stunts brain development and growth?" as another wrote.

Some people were on Mara's side though, with one writing: "if coffee calms your kid then let him drink it.

"My daughter loves coffee been drinking it since 18 months old."

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And another added: "We gave my youngest coffee and red bull (Dr prescribed literally) before insurance approved his ADHD meds.

"It works! Plus he loves coffee."

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