I’m a makeup lover – I tested TikTok's viral food coloring lip stain and was surprised by how effective the trick is | The Sun

A MAKEUP expert tested an internet-famous DIY lip stain and was shocked by how well the trick worked.

Makeup guru Sarah Wolak took to TikTok to share videos of herself making food coloring lip stains by putting dye into her lip gloss bottles.

In one of her videos, she attempts to make an autumn brick red lip oil, which she describes as her favorite mixture.

Wolak starts out by showing off a package of three clear lip oils she purchased on Amazon.

She explains: "We're going to DIY them with food coloring. Can I do one that's like an autumn brick red vibe? This is what I'm thinking.

"I want to do red, obviously brick red. I also want to do orange and I also want to do brown to give us that perfect fall glossy lip."

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The glam goddess then proceeds to put three drops of each color into one of the clear oil bottles.

She then takes the applicator and sticks it into the bottle, moving it up and down quickly to speed up the process.

Wolak adds: "Umm … and it's definitely giving fall," commenting on how mixing the coloring and the oil together is "such an arm workout."

"I'm also going to do some shakes for good luck. And this is her, so let's apply," she said.

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After putting the lip stain on her lips, she says: "I nailed this one!"

In another TikTok video, Wolak attempts to make a "basic red" lip oil with a light pink Morphe Maddie Ziegler lip gloss.

Instead of using a clear lip oil, the makeup expert mixed the light pink gloss with red food coloring.

The process was a little messier than when she used the lip oils from Amazon, but it still worked in the end.

"It literally just leaked everywhere but the lip gloss," Wolak says before shaking up the lip concoction.

She concludes: "This shade though, is absolutely coming to life. This shade is exactly what I needed."

In regards to whether using food dye is safe on lips, Yahoo! Style asked Dr. Geeta Yadav, Board-Certified Dermatologist of FACET Dermatology.

Yadav said: "There's nothing inherently wrong with using food coloring as a lip stain.

"It's safe and non-toxic for use in food, so applying it to the lip area wouldn't be an issue."

The only issue, according to Yadav, could be the lip stain lasting up to 36 hours.

If you're worried about trying this viral lip stain, Yadav suggests mixing the food coloring with petroleum jelly.

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