I'm a J-Lo lookalike – people stop me in the street and refuse to believe I'm not her, I've had it for two decades | The Sun

A JENNIFER Lopez lookalike says she's constantly stopped in the street by people who think she's the pop star — though she herself never saw the resemblance.

Professional makeup artist Evelyn Rodriguez, 37, has been compared to the American icon since she was 16, even when she worked at McDonald's.

Evelyn lives in the Bronx, New York, but was born and raised in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, until she was nine when she moved to the United States.

Since living in America, she has frequently been approached by people who think she is Jennifer Lopez, but she always tells them the truth right away.

She has been stopped by strangers on many occasions, including once while driving and another time by a persistent waiter who "refused to take no for an answer."

Evelyn said: “I’ve been stopped countless times when I’m just walking around the city. People always ask if I’ve heard it before and I’m always like… yes!

“My favorite one is when people stare at me for ages and ask, ‘Do you know who you look like?’ because the answer is always the same.

“When I meet new people I always get the same compliment and all my friends have always told me I look like her."

After all these years, she says even now she still feels "honored’"to be compared to the singer — although she doesn’t personally think she looks like the Jenny From the Block singer.

She's also made the most of the resemblance, using her social media accounts to share recreations of some of J-Lo's most famous looks.

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Her videos include makeup looks inspired by the All I Have and the I’m Real music videos, as well as an iconic J-Lo look from the 2005 Latin Billboard Awards.

She began creating content on TikTok and Instagram to share fun makeup videos, but as she kept getting "bombarded" with comments about the similarities, she decided to just lean into it.

Evelyn said: “I wasn't surprised by any of the comments because I've been told that my whole life!

“Ninety-nine percent of people say we’re twins, but others say I’m a mixture of Kate Hudson and J-Lo. Whatever they say, I feel complimented every single time!

“She's a multi-dimensional icon. There's no doubt about that. She's a vibe!

“To be honest I really don't see it, to me this is just my face. Sometimes for a second I see it, but then I soon go back to not seeing it.”

"I have dyed my hair, had weight changes, and it doesn’t matter — apparently I always look like her."

Evelyn has never met with her celebrity doppelgänger but says she would absolutely love to and would probably be "girl-crushing" if she did.

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