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EXPECTING a child is something extremely exciting for many parents, but some mums-to-be may find the changes to their body challenging to deal with.

We’ve all heard of the pregnancy glow, but expecting a child can bring other changes to our bodies that some people may not be aware of.

Now hairdressers have revealed that pregnancy and giving birth can cause changes to your hair. 

Hairdressers explained that when you are pregnant, the hormonal changes in your body make your hair look stronger, thicker and shinier. 

The experts at Hairdresser’s Journal explained that many women find that their hair changes a great deal during pregnancy.

While some may find it’s in its best ever condition, others may find it changes unrecognisably.

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The hairdressers highlighted: “During pregnancy hair may not shed at its normal rate, which can leave clients boasting thick, lustrous, feel-good hair.

“However some may find that their hair is unusually oily, prone to breakage, or even that the texture has changed completely.”

During pregnancy, the action of hormones produces alterations in a woman's body, hence the impact on a woman’s hair. 

According to the hair experts at Lendan: “Over the course of the 9 months, women notice their hair is healthier and fuller than usual, and some even see their hair change shape and their curly hair become straight. 

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“However, it is not that the hair is growing longer than usual or thicker than usual. 

“What happens is that during pregnancy hair remains in a resting phase (in normal situations, between 85 and 95 per cent of our hair is growing), which causes it to fall out less.”

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The experts advised that some pregnant women will not notice any drastic changes to their hair and those with long hair will notice changes the most. 

The hairdressers explained: “For women with dry hair, the increase in sebaceous secretion is great for them, improving the appearance of their hair, making it strong, bouncy and shiny.

“Those with normal hair should not neglect it, as it can become either dry or greasy, depending on how hormones affect it.

"It is necessary to control sebaceous secretion and moisturise it with conditioners and masks to prevent it from drying out.

“If you have oily hair, you will need to take special care, as you will need to wash your hair more frequently. 

“Therefore, it is important to use shampoos and conditioners specifically for your hair type, otherwise it can become greasier."

What's more, as well as a woman’s hair changing during pregnancy, the experts at Lendan explained the tell-tale signs that reveal a woman has just given birth by looking at their hair. 

They continued: “You should also be aware that your hair will change again when your baby is born.

"After you give birth (about 12 weeks after delivery), your hormones will go back to what they were and more hair will start to fall out (don't be alarmed if it falls out more than usual).”

The hairdressers at Fon Salon added: “Hair loss and scalp oiliness are usually the first tell-tale signs after you’ve had a baby.

“Sometimes, no matter how religiously you shampoo after pregnancy, it just goes back to oily roots and unruly dehydrated ends.

“Sometimes we find our new mamas in the salon have found the texture of their hair has changed as well.

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“Those curls aren’t quite bouncing how they used to or the beautiful long carpet of hair that sat straight and sleek is now kinking in places it never did before. 

“Keratin Treatments help to repair the cuticle of the hair with zero damage, last up to 6 months and help you to smooth over or spring up that curl, all the while looking shiny and hydrated.”

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