I'm a gypsy and I'm always asked why I keep plastic on my seats – it might not look great but it's my best cleaning hack

A GYPSY has explained her secret way to keep her sofas sparkling clean. 

Kathleen Johnson, 19, shared the cleaning hack to her 77.2k followers after she was asked a question from a viewer. 

In the video, she explains that she and many other travellers and gypsies keep their sofas stain-free by covering them in plastic films. 

Kathleen, who refers to herself as an English Gypsy in another video, says: “I’ve seen this question on most of my videos and other peoples.

“The reason why we put plastic on our seats is because obviously they’re not leather, and if anything, like, spilt on them, or anything, it gets destroyed.”

Kathleen also says that having the plastic films over her chairs can help prevent any stains or spillage. 

She says: “But luckily my seats, it’s got zips, where you can zip the material off and wash them. But I still put plastic on, just in case. 

“Personally, I don’t really like the plastic on my seats, I think it looks better and cleaner without. 

“But obviously when you’re married and everything, and they’re coming back in their work clothes and you’re making food. 

“Because obviously I have got a few little brothers and they’re wild, and they cannot keep nothing clean.”

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