I'm a gardening pro – a popular lawn mowing hack is extremely dangerous, take my warning | The Sun

MANY life hacks can make your daily chores easier, while other trendy tricks are duds.

But there are a few viral tips that actually pose a threat, like one lawn-mowing hack that experts warn could put you in danger.

The viral tip has spread over TikTok, where you might have seen it described as a "hair transplant" for grass.

The trick first appeared on the platform in June, and because it's meant to offset bald patches on the lawn, it's only become more popular as temperatures increased through the summer.

To do the "hair transplant," you prop open the back of the push mower before you start mowing.

The intention is to distribute the fresh-cut grass across your lawn, instead of collecting it into bundle to dispose of later.


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Experienced landscape and garden fans may already be able to spot where the problem lies.

As Lifehacker's lawn experts explained, the cover on the lawn mower is there to protect you – not just collect grass.

"While the hack does accomplish what it sets out to do, it also leaves the person mowing the lawn open to injury," the outlet's experts wrote.

Unless your lawn is completely devoid of all debris, any objects on the grass could come flying out of the back of the mower.

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A stray rock could easily shatter your kitchen window or your car, for example.

If your kids, neighbors, or pets are outside, you'll put them at risk, too.

"These projectiles could injure you, or any other humans or animals in their path – especially if you’re hit in the face or eyes," the experts cautioned.

On top of the stark dangers, this hack will also make your mowing experience an unpleasant one.

Grass flying backwards will fill your shoes and stain your legs or pants as you work. If you don't want your favorite khakis to turn bright green, keep the mower closed.

There are other, safer ways to recirculate mowed grass onto your lawn or use the existing layers of dead grass for new growth.

You can dethatch your lawn, for example. Dethatching can turn a dull, dreary lawn back to vibrant green, and unless you have sprawling grounds to maintain, it doesn't take special machinery.

Gently pull a rake across the surface of your lawn, and you should loosen a layer of dead grass from under the new growth – that dried-up grass is called thatch.

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You can even do this in between mowing sessions to make sure matted, dead grass doesn't get packed into place and prevent new grass from growing.

Or, if your mower has a "mulch" setting, you can use this to redistribute grass on dry patches. Spot-check your lawn and add the dead cuttings, which will break down and add nutrients to the soil.

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