I’m a fit mom – people tell me to ‘dress my age’ but I won’t stop wearing crop tops & mini skirts | The Sun

THANKS to a rigorous early-morning gym routine, an Arizona mom has maintained her phenomenal figure well into her mid-thirties.

Critics tell her to 'dress her age,' but others say she only looks 21 – and that she should keep the matching sets, cropped shirts, and super-short skirts.

Ginebra Candiotti, 33, has a wardrobe stuffed with skimpy outfits, over 13k Instagram followers, and an eight-year-old daughter.

On TikTok, Candiotti posted a pointed response to anyone who criticizes her fashion choices.

She shared a slideshow of outfit photos from recent years, which included snug-fitting gym sets and thigh-high boots.

In one clip, Candiotti dropped into a squat on an escalator to twerk; in another, she danced to salsa in the kitchen while in figure-hugging loungewear.

Candiotti showed off her fit body proudly, sporting cropped shirts in most of the clips and usually pairing them with shorts or skirts.

"Yep. Def dressing my age," Candiotti wrote in the video's description.

Her fans were quick to say the 33-year-old is dressing the age she looks, not the age she is.

"You are looking 21," an early commenter insisted. Others guessed she was 24, and one flattered her by guessing she was 18.

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Candiotti's followers defended her wardrobe, as long as it makes her feel confident.

"I don't see anything wrong with the way you feel beautiful," wrote one viewer.

Other followers were more overt in their compliments, often reaching the point of flirtation.

"So hot hot hot hot," wrote one man who added in flame emojis to drive his point home.

"You're a baddie," wrote another, garnering a response from Candiotti.

"I wish!" she wrote back in gratitude.

The man doubled down on his initial remark. "You are," he insisted, and the sentiment was echoed by others throughout the comments.

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