I'm a doctor & was horrified after cutting my baby's popular toy open – it's so full of mould it gave me goosebumps | The Sun

A DOCTOR was left heaving after cutting open her daughter's chew toy – only to find the inside covered in mould.

Dr Katie explained how her daughter loved the popular 'Sophie the Giraffe' when she was a baby and would chew on it all the time.

In the clip, shared to TikTok (@dr.katie.h), she continues: "She's not used it for about a year, it's been packed away, but she recently found it and gave it to baby Alexander to play with.

"He's already been gifted a new one but I thought let's cut it open and see how gross it really is inside.

"And, if it's not that bad, then baby Alexander can play with it."

As she begins cutting the toy in half, Dr Katie admits: "I'm a bit scared.


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"I don't reckon this one will be that bad – she did love it. She'd chew it all the time!"

But nothing could've prepared the horrified mum for what she was about to see.

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"Oh my god! No way! Omg I just got goosebumps," she gasps.

"I'm going to have to throw out these scissors.

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"The thought this has been anywhere near my baby's mouth…look how mouldy it is! That is gross."

Dr Katie then questions: "Woah if that's what a chew toy looks like inside, imagine what the inside of bath toys look like."

She captioned the post: "Ok I need a new baby teething toy, any suggestions?!! Why does Sophie the giraffe come with a hole in it?!!"

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 1.1 million views and very mixed responses.

"Did anyone else just cut open their giraffe to find it was completely clean all along," wrote one.

A second urged: "Oh calm down. It'll be building her immune system. And just wash the damn scissors."

A third quipped: "My inner nerd wants to put that under a microscope."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Once a month I take the bath toys and suck up cleaning solution- let them sit- shake it around- then clean them out with water."

A further added: "Doesn't it say on the packaging that the toys should only be used for 3 months? I'm sure I've seen that somewhere."

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