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AN interior design expert has uncovered three easy hacks to make your bedroom bougie without a big budget. 

Phoenix Grey – aka Design Daddy – has revealed the biggest red flags that make our sleep space look drab, and the awful habit he’s begging us to nip in the bud. 

The pro filmed himself sharing the most common interior design mistakes in your bedroom, and how to fix them, with chic and stylish images to show just what your home could look like with his help. 

So what’s the first mistake? 

“Not furnishing your bed with anything other than your comforter and pillows is a major red flag in my opinion,” he says. 

“You don’t need to go overboard with decor but you want to create a welcoming and cosy environment.

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“Bringing in extra elements to create that cloud effect is much more inviting than your typical hotel bed.

“You want to be comfortable and you want to give it that cloud-like appearance that really gives you that impression that you can jump right in and snuggle up.”

Our second mistake, he claims, is where we put our beds. 

“Another big issue I see is having the wrong placement for your bed,” he says. 

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“The bed is typically the focal point in any room and it sets the tone for the entire space. 

“A bed that lacks any visual interest or is pushed up against a window can disrupt the overall aesthetic and natural flow.

“Making an impact with bedding, pillows and throws will draw attention to the largest piece of furniture in the room and can really set the space.

“Centre it as much as you can, whether you’re creating balance with asymmetry or symmetry overall.”

Our third mistake is too much clutter, which Phoenix claims totally throws off the space.

“Overcrowding the bedroom is another really big factor and I want you to really tone it down and think about the negative space around all the furniture pieces that are set in the room,” he says. 

“Most of the time, bedrooms can be very chaotic and oversized furniture pieces really throw off the proportion of the room itself.

“I get it, sometimes the space is limited, but a bedroom should always follow a less is more approach to maximise the amount of space.”

Finally, he comes to the biggest no-no of them all.

“The cardinal sin of bedroom mistakes – wash your darn sheets more than once a month,” he urges. 

Design Daddy’s tips have proven to be very controversial, and his followers were quick to bite back about their bed sheet routine. 

One user said: “I wash my sheets once a week, thank you very much.” 

A second replied: “I only sleep with one pillow. Why would I want a collection of them just to toss on the floor at night and then pick up every morning?” 

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And a third commented: “I love the sterile hotel look. Cloud-like is not my thing.”

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