I'm a celeb housekeeper – my craziest requests, including booking topless bartenders & what made a billionaire freak out | The Sun

CLEANING ladies know all your secrets – and one housekeeper for the rich and famous is spilling some.

Speaking to The Sun, Daysy Rodríguez – known to Real Housewives of Miami fans as Lisa Hochstein's housekeeper – has revealed the craziest things her own clients have done and asked for over the years.

"Your cleaning lady knows everything about you – your desires, all your most well-hidden secrets, your temper, virtues, and defects," said Rodríguez, who has catered to wealthy clients through her company, Daysy's Cleaning, Lifestyle & Concierge.

Among them have been reality stars, business tycoons, and athletes including the NFL's Anquan Boldin, the NBA's Andre Drummond, and the MLB's Barry Bonds.

"In my 15 years working with more than 300 clients, I can tell you one thing: The famous, the wealthy, TV stars, athletes, well-known doctors, lawyers, politicians, even pastors and priests – people are normal human beings, like you and me."

That being said, the wealthy have been known to make some requests that would shock the average person.

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For the Super Bowl in 2020, Rodríguez was in Miami setting up three private parties.

"A Miami Beach client who lives in a $40 million mansion had his secretary call me and asked me to find one model-type bartender and two girls to be topless and painted in the jerseys of the two teams in the Super Bowl," she recalled.

"This was three days prior to the game, mind you," she added, but said she made it work.

Just when she thought she was done at 11 p.m. that night, another billionaire client called with a similar request, asking her to hire six model-type bartenders.

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He wanted them at his house at 3 a.m., just four hours later, for an after-party.

Rodríguez's worst experience was working with a 28-year-old basketball player whom the news described as one of the "the best" and most "important" stars in the NBA.

She said he hired her to throw a 50-person party at his house – and then never paid her.

"I had paid for everything," she said.

"At the end, he only reimbursed me for the receipts but refused to pay for my total concierge fee services."

To add insult to injury, the athlete – who she claims smoked pot 24/7 – also allegedly made sexual advances toward her.

"In 15 years of business, this was the only BAD experience I’ve had," she said.

She had better experiences with a former NFL player – who, despite being quite rich and famous, didn't have full-time staff.

She would clean his home once a week, and even walked in on him doing the laundry himself.

Perhaps her funniest story comes care of a European billionaire client who lives in Miami Beach.

The billionaire had been on her way to a meeting when her dress ripped and she frantically Googled stores nearby to find pins to fix it.

"She came back home screaming, so happy, because she discovered a magical place named Target," Rodríguez recalled.

"She said, 'Daysy, they have everything there and it’s so cheap!'" Rodríguez said, recounting how she found 20 Target shopping bags in the billionaire's car.

Of course, Bravo superfans know Rodríguez from the Real Housewives of Miami, in which she appeared as the housekeeper for Lisa Hochstein.

"Mrs. Lisa is the sweetest and most beautiful person inside and out," Rodríguez gushed.

"I started working at her house 11 years ago and I love her so much that I called her princess.

"Being older than her, I spoiled her and treated her as my own daughter.  I enjoyed making her healthy breakfast and bringing it to her bed every morning."

Lisa returned the favor, getting her husband, plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein, to give her the plastic surgery she wanted.

"Even my husband said I have the most beautiful boobs he ever saw in his life," Daysy said with a laugh.

Despite some craziness, Daysy said that she's "blessed" to have worked for all of her clients.

"They’ve helped make me who I am now, and I’ve expanded my business from Florida to Tennessee.

"I can share all this knowledge and experience in providing high-end services to my Tennessee clients and my business had grown beyond my wildest imagination."

She said she's also learned that being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"[My celebrity clients] have hearts and are vulnerable. They cry and suffer when the media spreads negative energy, insults, and hateful criticism against them or their kids."

One MLB star client, in particular, was "crucified for one mistake he made in the past and people still judge him."

"I've been serving him for many years and he is the most AMAZING human being and the best dad and grandpa ever," she said.

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"Believe me, many people wish they had their fortune and fame, but being a witness from inside their homes, be careful what you wish for."

In her interview with The Sun, Daysy also shared some insight into what rich and famous clients always ask for when she cleans their homes, from pantry organization to ironed sheets.

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