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WITH temperatures soaring to a staggering 40 degrees across the UK today, it's likely people will be affected by the heat in different ways.

While some indulge in a crisp glass of rosé or refreshing cider, for others, heat can be the trigger to an onset of unwanted symptoms – including dull, thumping headaches.

But according to one breathwork expert, there's no need to splash out on a top-of-the-range fan or pricey paddling pool to battle the scorching temperatures.

Instead, Stuart Sandeman has come up with the perfect solution to help reduce some of the tension headaches caused by hot weather in five easy steps.

In his debut book Breathe In, Breathe Out, which is out today, the peak performance coach details the inner workings of breathing and the powerful secrets hidden within this natural process.

Among them includes the "beat the heat" breath method which he claims is "perfect to help cool and soothe the mind" when used in conjunction with rehydration.


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And the best part of all? It's so easy to follow, it can be put into practice anywhere, any time.

To begin, Stuart says to gently clench your teeth.

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He notes the importance of ensuring your top and bottom rows touch, before instructing you to open your lips slightly.

"Breathe in through your teeth using your diaphragm for a count of
four, letting the cool air rush over your teeth and tongue," he continues.

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"Breathe out through your nose for a count of eight."

Stuart, who is the founder of Breathpod, who offer unique breathing and coaching programmes to a wide range of clients, goes on to say how you should aim to repeat this four times, before reassessing how you feel.

He adds: "You can also incorporate a little head movement into this technique, by lifting your chin to the sky as you breathe in and bringing it back down when you breathe out.

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"Slowly moving your neck can help blood flow and reduce the symptoms of a headache."

Breathe In Breathe Out by Stuart Sandeman, £16.99, is published by HQ and is released on hardback on 21 July 2022. It's available in eBook and Audio.

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