I’m a bra expert & these are the worst things you can say to your daughter getting her first – mums even s**t-shame them | The Sun

A BRA EXPERT has revealed the worst things you could say to your daughter when buying her first one.

Kimmay, a bra fitting expert for over 15 years revealed she's even heard mums s**t-shaming kids.

Taking to TikTok, Kimmay revealed the most problematic things she has heard parents say to their children when getting them fitted for their first bra.

The bra fitter revealed the top worst phrases you can say.

One example was: "These are SO big, I just don't know what to do with them."

Another was: "Please don't give her a push-up bra. We don't want her to look like a s**t."


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"She doesn't really have anything, but she wanted to fit in with her friends so we thought we'd get her a bra," was another comment Kimmay heard often.

The bra expert went on to explain why these comments can be damaging.

She said: "Here's the thing, even as a joke, these things really sting and they stay with people and it really teaches them how to feel about their body.

"As a parent, it's your job to support them no matter when they develop, what sizes, if it's different from yours or their siblings or whatever."

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The bra expert said it was important to encourage young girls to like their body as it changes.

The video was clearly a hit with parents being viewed over 38k times and receiving over 6,000 likes.

Many agreed with Kimmay and thanked her for speaking on the matter and shared their own experiences.

One wrote: "my first bra fitting was traumatising, I was screaming and crying. they locked me in and wouldn't let me leave until they measure me. I was 10 btw."

Another commented: "My mum judged me for being an A when she’s literally an A as well."

Oh gosh, my little clients’ Mums often say the same exact things," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "My favourite was always "You can't be that big, I'm only a [size that definitely isn't correct anyway].""

"Yes!!! Thank you for posting about this subject! We hear this and similar comments that parents have made about their kids' bodied," wrote a fifth.

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