I’m a baby expert – the simple hold you can use that will instantly calm a screaming baby & help them burp | The Sun

NOTHING is worse than trying to calm a crying baby when you feel like you've exhausted every option already.

But a baby expert has revealed the simple hold you need to try which will instantly soothe them.

Taking to TikTok, lactation consultant, Danielle Gauss, revealed that there's a position that helps calm them and helps burp them at the same time.

She said the position reminds babies of when they are in the womb with mum.

Danielle demonstrates how to recreate the position by placing her hand on their chest and holding the baby's cheeks.

Then, she takes the baby's knees and put them up to their chest and rests the baby's bum on her stomach to hit the pressure point on her bum.


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The baby expert then begins to bounce up and down, which mimics the feeling of the mum walking while the baby was in the uterus.

Within seconds of doing the technique, the baby instantly calms down and stops crying.

"All of those calming points are hit so it's the easiest way to calm a baby," she adds.

In the video, she added: "This technique helps not only calm a very fussy baby, but it is also a great way to burp, using her natural acupressure points to calm the nervous system."

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Viewers of the video were stunned by how quickly the technique worked.

One wrote: "The look on her face after she quit crying was a look of hey I remember this."

Another person commented: "Honestly if someone held me like that, I'd probably calm down a bit too."

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A third penned: "I’ve used this hold for my twins & now 3 Grandbabies… works amazing! Thanks for sharing this!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I used this on my little sister she’s 5 months and she fell asleep not even 5 seconds after I started doing this."

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