I was UGLY in high school and completely single, my glow-up is so good I’m thinking of doing tutorials to help others

WHILE MOST people start growing into their adult features in secondary school, there are always some late bloomers.

One TikTok user has revealed she was a late bloomer in a video series where she announces she has to go to a high school reunion and that she can't wait to show them her glow-up.

Halley, shared the video series to her account, halleykate, where the series has been viewed over three million times.

In the first video, Halley explains: "I'm getting ready to go to a bar with a bunch of people from high school that I haven't seen in four years, and I was really ugly in high school.

"So I need to look good and show off my glow-up."

Halley then demonstrates all of the steps in her make-up routine to create the glow-up and users were obsessed with the look and asked Halley what outfit she wore, how the night went, and how she looked back in high school.

Halley did not fail to deliver on users' requests and showed her outfit in another video which many people said gave them old school Britney Spears or Cameron Diaz vibes.

She wore a pink paisley printed crop top, blue bootcut jeans, and a cute 90's style handbag.

Halley then posted a video of her in high school after users inundated her with comments asking her to show them what she used to look like.

Halley said: "Of course I can share a photo of me from high school, I love flexing my glow-up!

"To no one's surprise, I was incredibly single throughout high school, never even, kind of, slightly dated anybody."

She narrates her thoughts of the outfits and how she looks as she goes through a variety of images of her in high school.

She adds: "You guys get it, but it's okay because this is what I look like now."

As she shows an image of her in a car, dressed=up and looking incredible.

Halley goes on to say: "I would honestly be happy to do a glow-up tutorial if anyone needs it."

Many people begged Halley to do a tutorial on her glow-up in the comment section of the video, Halley has not posted it just yet.

One user commented: "Not peaking in high school is the best thing that could happen." To which Halley replied, "I agree."

Other users said that Halley didn't even look bad in high school, one wrote: "You were a super cute kid, now you're stunning. Win-win."

"You were cute then but super gorgeous now!" added another user.

A third person replied: "This gives me hope."

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