I was fed up of pesky fruit flies in my kitchen – then I discovered a 5p hack that banishes them for good | The Sun

A SAVVY cleaning fanatic has shared an easy way to get rid of annoying fruit flies in no time – and it costs just pennies.

The much-awaited arrival of summer also comes with another, less welcome guest – pesky fruit flies taking over your kitchen.

This is a problem one TikTok user, only known as @dropitlikeitshaute, used to struggle with – until she came up with a simple hack.

According to the cleaning enthusiast, believed to be from the US, you only need a handful of ingredients that are already in your home .

To make the fruit fly repellent, the guru advised to grab a plastic container, as well as some dish soap and a dash of vinegar.

''First you need to add dish soap and put it in a small container or a cup.

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''Add some vinegar to it – but just enough where you can smell it,'' she instructed in the clip.

Once done, pour in some water to create bubbles in the DIY concoction and have a little sniff – if you can't smell any vinegar, add some more.

At this point, you can add cling film on top and poke teeny holes- but according to the pro, you can skip this step.

''Leave the container out overnight and this is the outcome in the morning – the flies get stuck in the bubbles.''

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Since being posted on the social media platform, the clip has already racked up over a whopping 670k views, as more than a hundred people flocked to comments.

Whilst some thanked the whizz, others shared their top recommendations.

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For instance, one said: ''Add sugar to the mix you’ll get rid of them in day.''

Another vouched for the hack, writing: ''I do the same, but use apple cider vinegar instead. Works wonders.''

''A little bit of wine left over in the bottom of the bottle does WONDERS,'' an internet user insisted.

''Beer and dish soap works too,'' a fellow cleaning fanatic penned.

''This didn’t work for me,'' someone left a negative review.

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