I was 23 stone & doctor said I’d only lose weight with a gastric bypass so I proved him wrong & now win bikini contests | The Sun

A WOMAN who used to weigh 23 stone has opened up about how a doctor’s harsh words prompted her to slim down. 

Emma revealed that she previously tipped the scales at 330IBs, but has since shed a whopping 10 stone. 

Now, she takes part in bikini competitions where her toned physique is on display for all to see.

Opening up about her body transformation and how she did it, Emma recalled how a routine operation led to her doctor telling her she required a gastric bypass.

However, she ignored his criticism and decided to lose the weight her own way through a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

She explained: “When I was 330 pounds (23 stone), a doctor told me that the only way I would be able to lose weight is with weight loss surgery.

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“People seem to not believe that this encounter happened – I remember it so vividly and I will explain it to you.

“I was actually on the operating table about to go in for surgery to get my tonsils out and the anesthesiologist was frustrated because my arm was too big and he needed to go and get a bigger size blood pressure cuff.”

It was then that the doctor issued their warning. Emma continued: “As he was going to get a new one he said, ‘Oh, the only way you’re going to be able to lose all of this weight is with a gastric bypass.’”

When Emma heard the words, she was understandably taken aback and upset.

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She confessed: “I went under for surgery and I had tears streaming down my face.”

But after she’d recovered, it became a real turning point for her – and she was determined to have the last laugh. 

“And that was a big push just to prove him wrong that I could do it on my own – and to prove myself wrong,” Emma continued in the video posted to her TikTok profile @emmaa.getsfitt. 

“I just needed to put my head down, work, stay consistent and disciplined and get to it.”

So just how did Emma achieve her goals? 

In another video posted to her social media profile, she revealed that she’d started working on her fitness in September 2020. This included rigorous boxing training sessions and gym sessions. 

Three years on, in September 2023, Emma has now shared footage of her toned abs after a gym session and shared how she’d gone from a size 14 to a size 6.

And she’d even entered a bikini competition and seemingly won as she clutched a trophy while being applauded on stage.


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Summing up how she felt twelve months on, Emma concluded: “I am not hating on gastric bypass by any means – it’s a great tool. I am showing that it is possible to be done without surgery.” 

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