I tried TikTok's viral 'triangle concealer facelift' trick – I looked 4 years younger but it isn't for every skin color | The Sun

THE "triangle concealer" hack is shaping up to be one of TikTok's most of-the-moment makeup trends.

I decided to try the viral trick on darker skin to see if it really gives anyone a facelift within minutes.

The trick involves drawing three triangles on each side of the face: one under the eye, another next to the nose, and finally, one in the corner of the mouth.

Doing this is supposed to brighten those areas and give the illusion of a facelift in a matter of minutes. 

It was first demonstrated by TikTok user Tbouties and later recreated by social media influencers including Lenkalul and Charmie Jane.

As a 27-year-old woman, I took it upon myself to test it out and see if it really does reduce dark shadows, define your nose, and more.

Professional makeup artist Saffron Hughes, a consultant for, says the contour hack is a real game changer.

The trend has garnered almost 4 billion views and counting across TikTok.

“Whether you’re new to contouring or a seasoned sculptor, this latest makeup trick is achievable for all," he said.

I wanted to put that statement to the test.

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As someone who contours regularly, I wanted to see how well it defined my features and brightened my face without the use of a darker shade or blush.

I don't really have dark circles under my eyes, but I do have distinct shadows around my nose and mouth.

Apparently, one of the great things about this technique is that it mimics the lifting effects of a cosmetic procedure solely from where the concealer is applied.

Minimal tools were necessary and I only used one product to get my desired look: the L'Oréal True Match Eye Cream in a Concealer, $12.79,in the shade C5-6 Medium.

With a small eyeshadow brush, I painted a small right-angle triangle just underneath the inner corner of my eye.

The triangle should be no bigger than a third of the length of your nose. 

I replicated this movement on the outer corner of my nose and then the outer corner of my mouth, where I have more pigmentation.

"It’s important you aren’t too heavy-handed with this," Saffron said.

Some beauty lovers have put their own spin on it by placing a triangle on the outer corner of the eye, but I chose to keep it basic.

Were the results what I expected? Not really.

Due to my darker complexion, I felt like the hack wasn't as noticeable on my skin.

I did appear brighter around my eyes and more youthful, so there could have been a desired anti-aging effect.

I feel like I looked maybe four or five years younger, and there was a slight lift more on my right side than on my left.

After application, I chose to use the concealer tip as a base under my usual makeup routine.

Though I didn't notice it right off the bat, it was apparent later that my secondary makeup looked even more lifted when applied on top of the concealer.

The darker coloration around my mouth was also less visible and made my lip color look more pronounced.

Would I do this again? That is still to be determined.

I don't necessarily feel like this TikTok hack is the right one for me, but I believe it has potential benefits.

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Maybe if I applied a fourth triangle on the outer corner of my eye, I would have the desired result.

In my not-so-professional opinion, I would say that this trick is great for people who prefer to wear minimal makeup but still subtly want to smooth out their features.

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