I tried my old Hooters uniform to see my boyfriend’s reaction – including my revealing shorts | The Sun

LONG after her time spent as a Hooters girl, one YouTube personality tried on her old uniform, tights and all.

She wondered how her boyfriend would react to the throwback outfit, which she had been wearing on the day they met – but his nostalgia wasn't as strong as hers.

Since posting the video, Destiny Brown has actually married her husband, Julius, so it's safe to say her modeling the orange shorts online was not a dealbreaker.

Still, when she recorded her partner's reaction, Destiny was uncertain how he would feel. "The outfits are pretty revealing, to say the least, especially the shorts," she said.

"If I didn't start working at Hooters before Julius met me, he probably wouldn't have wanted me to work there," she admitted.

While Julius was taking their dog for a walk, Destiny slipped into her old uniform. The last time Julius had seen it was when she still worked there.


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"It feels so weird to be wearing this right now," she said as she posed in front of the hidden camera.

When Julius came home, he didn't notice Destiny's outfit right away, but once he did, a look of confusion passed over his face.

"What is this?" he asked, coming closer to take in the whole outfit.

"Isn't it cute?" Destiny asked, showing off the shorts and tights.

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"Yeah, but what are you wearing it for?" Julius asked. "You look great in it but I'm just curious why you're wearing it."

Destiny said that she was just trying the outfit on, and said she might choose to wear it to "lounge around" in.

Julius continued playfully interrogating her, unsatisfied with her answer. His confusion turned into concern when Destiny joked about going back to work at Hooters.

"You told me you didn't even like working there," he argued. Catching himself, he made sure to reassure Destiny that she still looked great in the uniform.

"It literally looks the same," he said. "You look good." With that, Destiny stood up, asking Julius if he was ready for their shopping trip to Target.

"Where? You're not gonna wear the Hooters outfit to the store," said Julius, incredulous.

It quickly became clear that he was uncomfortable with how much of Destiny's body was exposed by the shorts.

"If you're gonna wear it out, you've got to cover up," he said.

Julius said Destiny would need to put on "big trench coat" before leaving the house, and said the shorts didn't provide enough coverage because her "butt grew way more."

Eventually, Destiny let him in on the joke, revealing the entire interaction was for a YouTube video.

Julius was relieved and seemed happier when Destiny admitted the outfit was terribly tight.

"The uniform is cute, but it's not comfortable," she said. Julius leaned into that statement, urging her to take off the tiny shorts and top.

"You need to go change, ASAP," he said. "You're not wearing this to Target."

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