I told my fiancé I hated my engagement ring – I didn't want him to waste his money since it didn't suit my style | The Sun

AN ENGAGED woman revealed she hated her engagement ring but was transparent enough to tell her fiancé how she felt at the time.

Not only did the engagement ring not suit her style but she felt like it was a huge waste of money.

Brittany (@beefinnagain) shared the story in a video with her TikTok followers.

She explained that everyone in her life knew she wanted a Halo-styled ring but she didn't get that during her proposal.

In relaying the news to her family, she bawled when she told the story and her parents gave her advice.

"Brittany, it's fine, maybe for your five-year anniversary you can get an upgrade," her mom said.

Her dad also advised her to not speak up about her disappointment and initially, Brittany took the advice.

After returning to school, however, she started to feel overwhelmed by all the people asking to see the ring she hated.

"After a week of people coming up to me, congratulating me, asking to see the ring, I was just over it and I knew my mom was right in saying I should wait and not ask him to replace it," she said.

She acted on her needs and called her fiancé Patrick: "This isn't something that needs to be addressed right now but I really want to be transparent, I really don't like the ring," she said to him.

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Luckily, her fiancé took the news well: "We can just return it, we can go out and go shopping and get what you want," he responded.

In another video, Patrick shared his perspective on the situation: "I was just a little shocked but the idea of not replacing the ring until our fifth anniversary was even more ridiculous," he said.

"I wanted to replace to ring for you because that was something that was really important to you."

Brittany simply had to go ring-less for two months but ended up getting the Halo style ring of her dreams.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the story.

While many disagreed with her choice of ring, they were still glad with the outcome.

"I honestly would have cried if I got a halo but everyone deserves the ring they love," said one commenter.

"I personally like his ring so much better but as long as you’re happy," agreed another.

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Many were happy she was able to communicate her needs: "You made a great choice," said one viewer.

"YOUR RING on YOUR hand. It’s not being ungrateful. I would do the same if my boyfriend got a ring I didn’t like. Communication is key."

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