I think I’m ‘God’s favorite creation’ – people say I’m ‘beauty overloaded’ but some don’t like my claims | The Sun

A BEAUTY content creator credited her gorgeous appearance to a divine source: God himself.

Some of her viewers disagreed, but others argued her claim about her appearance was "absolutely true."

The TikTok creator, who goes by @beeautygoddess on the platform, was clearly feeling herself when she recorded her post.

The video looks like a slow-motion sequence introducing the dream girl from a romantic movie.

She asked her viewers to step into her "point of view" for the short duration of the clip.

What POV is that? Why, the mindset of "God's favorite creation," of course.

In the video, the gorgeous redhead appeared through a strobing light, which gave her long curls an ephemeral glow.

Her eye makeup was dark and sharp, coordinating perfectly with her lacy black top.

She gazed deeply into the camera, giving off a hypnotic stare that won her followers' hearts.

One fan wrote that she had earned her TikTok handle. "Beauty Goddess for a reason," she said.

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"God created you well, my love," another admirer said.

Several viewers said they were dedicated to her "for life," or complimented specific aspects of her look.

"The eye is giving fire," one pleased commenter wrote.

"Beauty overloaded," said another.

One person critiqued the content creator's claims. "I love you, but why?" she asked. "God's favorite is everyone."

"Sorry, but God has no favorites. He loves everybody equally," another agreed.

A different viewer theorized it was because the creator was beautiful inside and out.

"You're a beautiful soul," she said.

Several said the original poster's confidence inspired them. "I love the fact that you always admire yourself," a woman said. "Self-love is the best."

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