I recycled an old vintage caravan and transformed it into my dream tiny home – best of all it was ALL on a budget | The Sun

A WOMAN has been flooded with praise after revealing how she transformed an old, grubby caravan into a tiny home.

The savvy woman, who is in her thirties, always dreamed of owning a tiny home but says she "couldn't afford one," so she recycled a vintage caravan into a tiny house instead.

Showing off the immaculate transformation, which includes a fresh white and wood themed decor throughout, along with plenty of greenery, she notes: "The reno cost me £13,000 ($17k).

In a second video posted to TikTok (@pocketlife), she says how she's received judgement for wanting to downsize into the tiny home.

"So about 4 years ago I decided to downsize and live in this recycled caravan, tiny home, whatever you want to call it," she says.

"To me it's my home that I live in full time and when I decided to downsize, I did actually get a little bit of judgement from people."



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The DIY whizz then goes on to discuss the sorts of comments she's received.

"So my family have been super supportive and I've not once had them kind of cast any judgement towards me for downsizing into this caravan," she explains.


"But it's more so people in the general public who find out that I live this way – you kind of ask particular questions that are implying judgement.

"It seems as though some people think that I'm going through tough financial times.

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"I get people asking me: How's business going? Or when are you going to move into a normal home again?

"As if I'm living this way
because I can't afford to live in a normal home when that's not the case."

She continues: "I live this way because I choose to live this way and I can afford technically to live in a normal home.

"But I don't really like the idea of paying £400 or more a week just to put a roof over my head when I can pay way less than that and live in this little home – that is it.

"It's a space that I can express myself creatively, and I own outright with no debt."

The savvy woman goes on to say that she's also had different tradesmen help her and then not follow it up with an invoice.

"I think, why are you doing this work for free?" she asks.

"Is it because you feel sorry for me? Or you think that I'm
unfortunate in some way?

"…They think that they're doing me a favour when I'm no different to any other person just because I live in a tiny house."

She adds that people often assume she's a hippie, too.

"Just because I live in a caravan, it doesn't mean that I'm bohoor I eat organic food, or I'm an anti-vaxxer, and all of those things that come with that.

"I'm actually none of those things, and people seem to assume that I am just because of the home that I chose to live in."

The post quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views and several comments from very impressed social media users.

"Absolutely gorgeous!" praised one.

A second penned: "Your lifestyle is so incredible. Total freedom- and financial freedom as well.

"I wish I could create something like this – but I’m not creative."

A third penned: "Lovely great job soo beautiful."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "It's beautiful inside!"

Another added: "Fabulous job!!!"

A further praised: "It's just lovely… you did an amazing job!"

And one more chimed in: "Love this!"

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