I picked a cute name for my daughter but it’s had a bashing – people say it’s a 'dog’s name' or 'just plain awful' | The Sun

A MOM has been having serious second thoughts about her daughter's cute name after it came in for a bashing.

The name has divided opinions and has left her feeling torn over her choice.

She sought some clarity from the online forum Reddit but gleaned little.

Commenters there were direct in their opinions, describing the name as either a "dog's name" or "just plain awful."

"Before me and my husband found out we were having a girl we had Murphy Rae on the top of our baby girl list," she wrote in her post.

She made the fatal error of looking up its suitability as a name for a baby girl.

"I found several Reddit posts that were completely bashing the name."

It crushed her: "I was totally heartbroken because we loved it, but if the general consensus is that it’s awful I obviously don’t want our baby girl dealing with it her whole life."

The Reddit community did not hold back in their views.

There were several references in the comments to it being a pooch's name.

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"Murphy is my dog's name and when I call him at the dog park, five other Murphys come running up to me," said one guy.

Another commenter shared their experience: "My husband wanted Murphy for a baby girl and I just couldn’t do it. So our dog is named Murphy."

There were some fans, however: "I think it’s cute."

But this person was not convinced: "It’s awful. And when you add Rae to it you just have two masculine names put together which just is not what I would choose for a baby girl."

Finally, her mind could be changed by the view of this commenter. The name managed to conjure up images of weathered Irish farmers with pints of Guinness to hand for him.

'I’m going to be honest, Murphy does not sound very feminine. To me, it conjures up an image of an old Irish man."

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