I live in a tiny apartment but have SO much stuff – the three easy and cheap ways to make sure there’s NEVER any clutter

IT SEEMS like we are always running out of space in our houses.

A cluttered environment can really affect how calm and relaxed you feel in your home.

Luckily, one TikTok user has shared three easy and cheap hacks to help keep your home clutter-free, without having to build lots of storage or throw anything away.

Samantha, from Vancouver, shared the video of her savvy hacks to her account, samcity_, where it has been viewed over one million times.

In the video, she said: "Things in my apartment that just make sense, in the point of view of not a rich person but a very regular person."

Samantha showed users her tiny vanity table and explained she had way more products than the desk could actually hold.

To create extra space, Samantha bought a couple of Command shower caddies which retail for £12, and stuck them onto the side of her desk, meaning she has extra storage to put away her skincare but that it is also hidden and doesn't look cluttered.

If you also hate seeing loose cables lying around near your bedside table then don't worry as Samantha has your back.

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She said: "My nightstand doesn't have any drawers and I like to hide as many cords as possible.

"So I put a cord holder under the bottom of my shelf so that I can just pull them out and use as needed and put them back in when I'm not using them."

Another clever space-saving hack Samantha shared was how to make more space in your wardrobe.

Samantha simply uses a bunch of command hooks on the side of her wardrobe and on the inside of her doors so that she has more room to hang her accessories on such as belts, jewellery and hats without it taking up unnecessary space in her apartment.

You can get a pack of six cable tidies for just under £4 and a pack of six Command hooks for £7.50 on Amazon.

Users loved Samantha's easy and cheap hacks to keep her apartment clutter-free, one wrote: "Where did you get that little desk? Love the use of the shower caddy!"

"OMG all of these are life-changing, wish I knew these when I first moved into my apartment." Exclaimed one woman.

A third person commented: "This is the first one that’s actually been realistic thank you."

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