I have big boobs & can finally do the corset trend with my Asos buy – you don’t even need to wear a bra, just size down | The Sun

WHILE small-chested women deal with tops fitting too loose, big-chested women have to navigate spillage problems.

Although corsets may seem like a top to stay away from, one woman with big boobs shares the perfect Asos option that she doesn't even need to wear a bra with.

By nature, corsets shape your upper body and prop your chest.

But if you're someone with a big bust, these tops run the risk of spilling and slipping a little too much.

TikTok creator Lara Rosenthal argued one corset doesn't let either happen.

She posted a recent video revealing the new Asos corset she got that's perfect for women with a fuller bust.


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Lara puts on the $40 Love & Other Things Corset in size eight.

This black, shiny faux-leather top is the perfect night-out option and an ideal pick for Halloween.

The front is secured by a line of silver clips and the back is tied together with black laces.

"I'm not sure about you, but when Halloween comes around, and you want to wear something sexy, it's really hard with a bigger chest," Lara admits.

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"You feel like everything you put on is super promiscuous and just like you're really trying to get out your chest, but you're not."

Lara loves this Asos corset because it covers her chest and still looks flattering on her body.

She explains that you don't have to wear a bra underneath if you size down.

"I recommend sizing down. I won't lie to you; it was a bit of a struggle to get on," Lara says.

Regardless, this black corset keeps her girls where they need to be.

"I'm not spilling out the top. I don't feel like they're coming out of there at all," Lara proclaims as she demonstrates moving around.

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