I had a glow-up by transforming a single part of my face – it took ages but people beg me to share my secrets | The Sun

AN influencer has demonstrated to perfection how a glow-up can transform a person.

This wasn't a quick fix, however: Her finished look was a lesson in patience because it took months.

The woman behind the eyebrow makeover was Emilia Barth (@blonde.girlyy).

She has 1.7 million followers and another extraordinary 154 million likes on TikTok, where she posts a mixture of beauty and fashion content.

But there was a lot of interest in one particular area of her face, with over 27,000 giving it a like with many more commenting.

Many of these implored Emilia to share her secret for gorgeous-looking brows.

“The eyebrow glow-up," she described her post.

“This took ages to get my brows how I want them," she said.

There followed a number of images that charted her journey from thin eyebrows, to a set that was Hollywood-ready.

She looked pretty pleased with them.

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Commenters who reacted to her post were green with envy and begged for some eyebrow-inside knowledge.

“Tips, please. My brows are my biggest insecurity,” confessed one viewer.

Another begged for her secret: “How literally, please tell me.”

There was a sense of urgency from this fan concluding her post:“What do you do we need to know asap," she said with some desperation.

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