I got my legs waxed after school, the woman knocked the bowl on me and it tore my skin off – I still paid full price

MANY WOMEN enjoying getting waxed before a big event to make sure they feel and look their best, but it didn't go quite to plan for one TikToker.

Badesim Kubak, who currently lives in New York City, posted a video to her TikTok account reliving the ordeal where it has been viewed over two million times.

Badesim recounted how she had booked a wax appointment at 15 years old, as she was going to a concert.

She writes: "Starting with waxing my legs, it's painful but I can take it.

"While the lady is applying the wax to my inner thighs, the lid of the applicator comes off and boiling wax spills all over between my legs.

"Thankfully it misses my (cat emoji) by barely a few inches and I am crying."

Badesim said the lady who was waxing her told her she was making way too big of a deal out of it and that everything was fine.

Badesim said at this point she felt embarrassed about for 'making it a big deal' so forced herself to be quiet for the rest of the treatment.

The woman ripped the wax off of Badesim to stop it from burning her skin, whilst she continued to say there was nothing to worry about.

The woman covered the burns with moisturiser and paper towels and tells her the appointment is over.

Badesim walks out feeling incredibly embarrassed that the rest of the salon have heard her scream and cry.

The woman then charges Badesim for the appointment, which she pays for and she heads back to school to see if the school nurse can help her.

The nurse helps her as much as she can, and Badesim manages to make it to the concert, but spends her evening in agony from the pain.

The next morning, she was still in agony so her parents decided to take her to see her uncle who's a plastic surgeon to have a look at it.

When her uncle removed the bandage they were shocked to discover her skin had been ripped off the top of her thigh.

Her uncle said he was shocked Badesim hadn't passed out in pain from the ordeal and he helped clean the burns everyday for three weeks.

Lots of people asked Badesim if she sued the beautician, she said she didn't at the time but would now after thinking about how she made a 15-year-old girl feel.

Users on the site couldn't get over Badesim's story, one wrote; " the way that lady tried to gaslight you into thinking she did nothing wrong."

Another user replied: "I literally gagged thinking about how much this would hurt."

"Girl, the way i just got so mad watching this." Wrote a third user.

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