I got heavily tattooed as a teen & now my skin makes me recoil, I've been 'burnt by a blow torch' for 8 years to fix it | The Sun

A HEAVILY-TATTOOED woman has divided opinions after calling for the legal age of body art to be raised.

She warned others who are thinking about getting ink to express themselves as she reflected on her decision to get back-to-back tattoos as a teen.

Lozz Dawg (@clandestine_dncr) has garnered over 31,000 followers on TikTok, where she speaks candidly about her mental health.

The self-proclaimed “bipolar baddie” took to the social media platform to vent about her tattoo regret.

“Anyone who’s gotten tattooed and they’re like ‘if I stop loving it, I’ll just get it removed’ needs a rude wake-up call,” she said.

“When I was 19 I stupidly started getting tattooed every time I had a mood swing so I ended up getting really heavily tattooed really quickly.

“It became such a coping mechanism for me. 

“Whenever I had a depressive thought or feeling I was like ‘oh I’ll get a tattoo’ and at the time I loved them.

“Fast forward 10 years later, I absolutely hate the things. 

“I love them on other people and I think they’re beautiful. 

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“On myself, they make me physically recoil. They are by far my biggest regret.”

Lozz admitted that she was “ignorant” at the time that she got the tattoos because she thought they would be easily removed with laser treatment.

However, she has spent over eight years of her life having the artwork zapped. 

The qualified laser technician revealed that eight of her tattoos have been completely removed but she still has a long way to go.

“Eight years of my life, 12 to 20 sessions per tattoo,” she said. “It feels like you’re being burnt by a blow torch. 

“I shouldn’t say this because I do this for a living, but half of the reason I do it for a living is because it’s so damn expensive that if I have the laser I can just do it myself.

“Girl math.

“I’m such an advocate for the legal age of being tattooed to go up to 21 because I do not know what I was thinking.

“I got my knuckles tattooed, I got my neck tattoos.”

Lozz showed the faded body art on her knuckles and thigh after three years spent trying to get the ink completely removed.

“I just want clean skin it’s all that I want please,” she said while holding back tears.

She added in the caption: “Should have listened to mom.”

The video went viral with almost 150,000 views and thousands of likes from people who were able to relate to her rant.

“I have my entire stomach/hips, two leg sleeves, a back piece, AND used to have a sleeve,” Lozz revealed. 

Many viewers admitted in the comment section that they’ve also had tattoos removed, while others argued the legal age doesn’t need to be raised.

“The tattoo I got was half an hour and $150, the removal has cost over $1,000 and is taking many months. Feel you!” one wrote.

“I’ve wanted tattoo removal for the last 15 years but it just costs so much [crying] I still like some of my tats but absolutely hate others,” another said.

“I’m covered. Hate a few, but mostly don’t mind. But 100 percent I have always said nobody would suffer from raising the age to 21, heck 25 imo [in my opinion],” a third chimed in.

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“I know far more people who do not regret any VS those who do. Too many videos of people saying you’ll regret them and not to get any,” a fourth argued.

“I got things that were meaningful to me and didn’t just get tattoos for the sake of it, even if my style changes I don’t regret what I have,” another added.

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