I go from a 6 to a 10 when I wear a bikini – people say I’m ‘off the scale’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has been told that she goes from a '6' on attractiveness to a '10' when she changes into a bikini.

The 19-year-old blonde, to demonstrate, transitions from a top and jeans into a bikini on TikTok, to the surprise of her viewers.

Samantha has received criticism for her appearance, from trolls who have reportedly rated her as a "6" on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most attractive.

Samantha remains unfazed, however, as she shows off her curves without care for these comments.

She changes from a green top and jeans to a blue bikini with white clouds, showing off her H-cup chest.

Viewers are largely supportive, sending rates that put her off the scale.

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"Always a 10! You're gorgeous. Don't worry about the ones who can't handle that" wrote one commenter.

"I saw a 10 go to a 15," another agreed.

"10 to infinity for sure," said a third.

Samantha claims that she's received similar comments in the past, in previous videos.

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Other TikToks captioned "I don't like H cups" or "Yeah, I like you for your looks," shares comments she's received on her body as an Onlyfans creator.

A few viewers accused Samantha of fibbing: "said no man ever….just saying," said one commenter.

Many chose, however, to send affirming comments instead.

"Lovely curves beautiful," said a commenter.

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