I found my missing cat after I heard it meow over the phone

A CAT that had gone missing for eight months has been reunited with the owner after she recognised the familiar meow during a call with her vet.

According to Rachael Lawrence, from Braintree, Essex, she was on the phone with the vet talking about her other cat when she heard Barnaby's distinctive cry in the background.

Despite being told it was a stray, the owner decided to ring back later to find out the details of the cat as ''it was bugging me'', Rachel revealed.

After being separated for eight months, Barnaby has now been reunited with his family.

Ms Lawrence said she was so convinced it was Barnaby, she immediately phoned the vet again to ask if the cat was black, with a white patch on one of his back feet.


When the surgery confirmed the description matched, Rachel took a few photographs of Barnaby with her to show to staff.

As soon as he was brought into the room, she claimed she ''knew it was him'' straight away.

"I cried," she said.

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"We hadn't seen him for eight months."

She told that Barnaby had been nicknamed "Fatman" by her three children, but when he was brought in Rachel noticed he had "loads of scabs" and was "all skinny and missing fur".

However, the family's beloved pet was "more than happy to be picked up and cuddled".

"We just need to fatten him up to get him back to Fatman."

Ms Lawrence also added that she had paid to have Barnaby chipped prior to him having gone missing but questioned whether the procedure had been "done properly".

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