I fixed my botched Botox by rubbing sex toy on my head to get the muscles working again, says Love Island’s Faye Winter

IF there’s one thing Faye Winter excels at, it’s not giving a hoot about what others think.

So when the Love Island star recently had to have her beloved lip filler dissolved, and got a flood of comments saying she looked better au naturel, there was no chance of her listening and staying that way.

She says: “They looked hideous without filler — so wrinkly, like a raisin. They would have rejuvenated in time, but there wasn’t one part of me that was going to allow them to stay like that. I prefer me with lip filler.

“I got a lot of comments saying, ‘You look so much better without your lip filler’ or ‘You look so much younger’ — which to me are backhanded compliments.”

But she adds: “I will never be influenced by anyone else’s opinion. I don’t do anything for anyone else. I’m not here to please every Tom, Dick and Harry.”

It was an accident during one of the Love Island challenges this summer that damaged Faye’s much talked about lips, leaving them uneven with one side protruding and impeding speech.

Fixing them was always going to involve temporarily returning to natural lips, so she went into hiding for a week while she waited for the appointment to put the filler back in.

Faye, 26, didn’t even want Love Islander boyfriend Teddy Soares, also 26, to see her filler-free.

She says: “My confidence literally shrivels to nothing without my filler. I didn’t even want to go out of the house and when I did I wore a mask everywhere. I didn’t want to be seen like that.

“I wouldn’t look at Teddy. He was like, ‘Come on, why are you doing this? It doesn’t matter’. So I eventually showed him, and he said he really liked them. I just said, ‘I’m glad someone does!’ — then I jumped in the car and drove to Devon where I stayed for a week and didn’t come back until the day I was getting them filled again. Teddy could see how much I hated my lips. I didn’t know how I was going to kiss him with those lips. It would be like kissing a coffee bean for him.”

I have naturally very small lips and I’m never gonna sit here and say that I like them.

Former lettings agent Faye — who appears alongside her mum Jan on the latest episode of Fabulous podcast Things I Told My Daughter, out today — first had her lips done four years ago, at the age of 22.

She says: “I have naturally very small lips and I’m never gonna sit here and say that I like them.

“On some girls it looks beautiful, but with me, my nose looks bigger, my chin looks bigger — and I’ve got quite big teeth which, luckily, are all my own and when I have small lips I’m all teeth.

“I knew if the lip filler didn’t suit my face, I could get it dissolved, but I really loved it.”

Ex said I looked like Daffy Duck…he got boot

Faye’s boyfriend at the time was, however, not a fan and told her so.

“He said I looked like Daffy Duck,” she says — before adding with typical feistiness: “As you can imagine, he quickly got the boot.”

By the time she entered the Love Island villa this summer, her lips had never been bigger. She had 4ml in there — between 0.5ml and 1ml is a more “normal” amount — so it’s perhaps little wonder they became such a talking point on the outside.

Faye says: “Unfortunately, there are some nasty people out there who think commenting on some-one else’s appearance is going to bring them down. But it doesn’t get me down because I am happy. You don’t like my lips? Well, tough. Deal with it.” Faye had her first boob job at 18 (and then another at 23) after spending her teens wrestling with self-consciousness and being bullied over her “underdeveloped” AA cups.

She says: “There was one time I went shopping with my friends to Primark and they used to do push-up bras with the pockets in for chicken fillets. I didn’t buy any of the bras, but stole all the chicken fillets out of them. But we got caught and Mum had to come and get me and see the security man. I felt bad, but didn’t need the bra. I just needed the fillets.”

Faye prides herself on honesty and feels it’s her responsibility to be up front about any procedures she has had done.

She says: “I never want to hide the fact I’ve had my lips done or my breasts enlarged because denying what you’ve had done can cause harm to young people. They want to look like you, but can’t. What I want to make sure I’m saying loudly is, ‘If you’re having anything done, choose your surgeon carefully and go to someone who is a registered doctor’.”

Unfortunately, Faye speaks from experience, after botched Botox left her with a droopy face.

She says: “I looked like I had Bell’s palsy on both sides of my face, like, it was completely dropped. Everyone kept saying to me, ‘Put the back of an electric toothbrush on your forehead to try and get the muscle moving’. So I was walking around buzzing all over the place.

Barrage of death threats

“I was going up to London and it’s a three-hour drive. I had my car in cruise control so I could just hold the toothbrush on my eyebrow.

“Then I realised the toothbrushes were in the back of my car, so I was rummaging around my handbag and I found a vibrator and I thought, ‘Sod it, that’ll do’. So I shoved it on and was driving along with a dildo on my head.”

During her time in the villa, Faye’s row with Teddy after the fallout from Movie Night prompted more than 25,000 viewer complaints.

She says: “You got to see each side of me. If I was p****d off about something I was going to voice it because that’s what I do. It’s just sad my poor sister had to deal with most of the bad comments, as my socials were being run by my family.”

The barrage of death threats Faye received means older sister Jo, 29, still worries about her safety.

Faye says: “I’m her baby sister and she’s always been my protector. The death threats mean she is so worried about me all of the time, especially when I come into London. But these people are just sat pathetically behind a screen. I’ve not had one nasty comment face to face at all.”

On a happier note, she has moved in with Teddy, now sharing a swanky Essex pad, and believes learning to trust him has restored her faith in men.

She says: “I think Teddy restored the faith of every woman in the UK. I mean, is the man even real? I’ve been treated terribly in the past, had my heart broken, and it’s so difficult to trust again, but he’s amazing.

I think Teddy restored the faith of every woman in the UK. I mean, is the man even real?

“I’d be lying, though, if I said I didn’t worry about him seeing bad comments about me and believing them. People love to drill it into him that I’m the Wicked Witch.”

Faye has her own clip-in extensions range with Razzl Dazzl Hair — but is adamant you will not see her advertising teeth- whitening or diet tea.

She says: “I can only stay true to myself, and if it doesn’t feel right or I wouldn’t buy it, I’m not going to promote it.

“I don’t want other young women to spend money on stuff I wouldn’t myself. I’m known for being loud, opinionated, honest and real and that’s all I want to continue being.”

  • Fabulous magazine’s podcast Things I Told My Daughter is back with a new series. Hosted by Fabulous contributor, influencer and mum-of-four Peta Todd, it focuses on intimate conversations between celebrity mums and daughters. You can listen to Peta interviewing Faye now, on all the leading podcast apps.
  • Faye Winter’s debut collection with Razzl Dazzl Hair launches in December and will be available at

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