I asked for a ‘semi colon’ tattoo on my neck – the artist did it backwards, when they tried to fix it it ended up huge

A TATTOO is for life, so when this woman asked for a simple grammar symbol, she did not expect what she got.

Sharing her shock on Tiktok, Samantha said how she didnt realise it was wrong until she got home, possibly because the tattoo is hidden behind her ear.

In the video which has 1.5million views, she said: "So I had posted about how I got a semi-colon tattoo this weekend because I'm a sad bitch and the tattoo artist did it backwards."

"I okayed the correct stencil so not sure what happened." She said almost in tears.

"I laughed so hard I almost cried," she admitted.


"The owner of the shop called and said that he would fix it for me so I went back in and he's like 'ok we only have to make it slightly bigger."

"Our opinions so slightly are not the same," she said almost giggling in frustration.

"Its like this big," she said as she put her fingers in a circle and wrote 'and so uneven lmao.'

"On my f***ing neck, it honestly looked better before he fixed it, it looked better the wrong way," she said, almost hysterical.

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She paid $100 for the tattoo which included a tip for the tattooist and saw it in a double mirror so said her 'dumb brain didn't realise it was incorrectly mirrored."

Samantha had explained that she wanted to get a semi-colon tattoo to represent how her mental health journey is something to be proud of.

She explained that: "The artist who did it backwards was absolutely lovely. She felt so bad. No hate or worries. things happen. it's a funny story now!"

Some advised Samantha on what to do, saying: "Honestly I would have kept it as a ironic sign from the universe. As you said, a failed attempt, and a failed tattoo. It’s just perfect."

One commenter had even had a very similar experience, who said: "I've had this happen to me as well. It was a Treble Clef, I didn't notice because I ok'd the stencil by looking at it through a mirror."

One helped Sam look on the bright side of the mistake, saying: "But now when you look in the mirror it’ll be right side facing just for you!"

Samantha has said she doesn't want to laser it off but has considered turning it into a black cat as her beloved black cat died on her birthday recently.

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