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A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared her ultimate routine for restoring your grubby white trainers to brand new – and kitchen roll is key. 

Brogan at Not The Worst Cleaner stressed that each step of her routine is “crucial” and if one isn’t followed, then the end result won’t be much to write home about. 

“Trust me, I have this down to a science,” she said.

“I use this for all of my white sneakers, including canvas.”

The routine is divided into six steps, which Brogan laid out alongside a tutorial on TikTok. 

Step 1

The first step is to remove the laces from the shoe and spray both with a pretreatment laundry spray. 

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Brogan then lets them sit for at least 15 minutes.

Step 2

The second step is to put the trainers and laces in a small tub with a fair sprinkle of baking soda and room temperature water. 

“The baking soda is an important step because it helps eliminate odours, remove stains and whiten the material,” Brogan said. 

She leaves the shoes to sit in the fizzy solution for a minimum of half an hour. 

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Step 3

The third step is to manually remove any dirt with a soft bristle brush and rinse the trainers off. 

You then need to empty out the tub filled with dirty water. 

Step 4

In the shoe tub, you need to mix dish soap (like Fairy) with an oxi stain remover and lukewarm water for the final soak. 

“The reason why I do the final rinse and soak with dish soap is to help remove any residue left behind from the baking soda,” Brogan explained. 

Step 5

Using a sponge dedicated to shoe cleaning, Brogan scrubs the gummy soles of the trainers to remove any stains. 

She then rinses them off, as well as the laces, for a final time. 

Step 6 

According to Brogan, the sixth and final step is the most important. 

You need to wrap your shoes in a sheet of kitchen roll and leave them in sunlight to dry. 

“It helps expedite the drying process, prevents colour transfer, stops dirt and dust from sticking, and helps your shoes retain their shape,” she said. 

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